Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Aware and Realize

Awareness and Realization

Based on my experience, in running an independent vehicle or entity such as our Law Firm, which is now named SA & Co ( Suleiman Agung & Co) for nearly 10 Years, from 1 st of June 1998 until to date September 23 2008, I really am fully aware, and realize, that it is only with the grace and permission of ALLAH, that I and my staff including my supporting wife, can still have the will and strength, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, to continue full filing the excitement in experiencing our live in this world, and therefore, we must always keep on maintaining, thanking God, for giving us the permission to live in this World, and giving us the chance, to be independent and having Clients, who requires our legal services, which results cash in to our Firm, for which we can continue to feed our Family. Yes, based on the teachings of God in the Holy Quran, prophet Ibrahim says he is never gives up in hoping for Allah’s Grace and Mercy. So as a man in faith by the Teaching’s of God, we have to be always tough in our struggle to survive and not give up on Allah’s Kindness and Gracefulness. Life is created by God, and we are also created by God, by having faith in our hard and mind, with the permit of ALLAH The All Mighty, we have to be strong and tough with our goals and destiny to be the servants of God in this World. Based on our respective fields and works and jobs, we are requested by God to be beneficial to our surroundings. We have to avoid damaging this Universe. We have to always observe all the Signs of the Greatness of our only One Might God which is ALLAH. Before we can help others we have to help ourselves and develop and emerge the inner strength which was built in our Mind and Heart. Today and now is the right time to change ourselves to be a new born spirit with high never ending hopes on the Grace and Mercifulness of ALLAH.

That is what I have to say today, during my time in the office on this Holy Ramadhan month

Agung Supomo Suleiman

Thursday, September 25, 2008

16.30 hours Indonesia Western Time

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