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Assalamulaikum Warohmatullahi Wabarokatu,
Bismillahi Rahmanirahim,   
Hi Muslim Brothers and other respectful kind readers  of this Blog,  long time no see. Without realizing it has been  more than 18 Years that the Writer of this AgungSS Spiritual Blog
chooses to be self-employed as an Independent Business Lawyer starting when he was given the age of around 46 Years Old going to 47 Years Old by ALLAH Subhana huwataala (S.W.T,) to live and allowed being as one of the many living human being created by ALLAH in this Beautiful and Wonderful World  created by ALLAH alone without needing any partners whomsoever as recited in many verses in the Holy Book Al Quran.

We have to always Dzikurullah or always remember ALLAH by  praising ALLAH among others by saying ALHAMDULILLAH meaning All Praises to ALLAH,  SUBHANALLAH, meaning ALLAH is Most Purify, and ALLAHU AKBAR meaning ALLAH is the MOST GREAT.             
As a normal human being, we cannot avoid  making mistakes, in our life journey, since based on ALLAH's saying in the Holy Book of AL Quran, Surah Asy-Syams Verses 7 and 8 ALLAH has granted both potential  inspiration built in to Every Human (Soul) Being created by ALLAH ....:
" wa nafsin wama sawwaha, fa alhamaha  fujuroha  wa taqwa " meaning..."

"...And Nafs (soul) and Him Who perfected him in proportion,  ALLAH had  inspired or showed to him/her what is wrong (wickedness) and whats is right (righteous).
Based on the above basic information,  given by ALLAH who had created this world, life including all the human being, we have to manage and control ourselves not to be  greedy and selfish, and have to balance our inner-self, by controlling our mind, feelings, body, including our spiritual emotions, which for us as Muslims, we have to build our faith or iman, by always remembering  ALLAH who had created us with the above 2 potential elements of  inspirations namely Positive (Righteous)  and Negative (Wickedness) built in our Soul.For as long as we live there will be always a Tug of War between Wickedness and Righteous in our inner-self.
The real implementation that we have to do is by immediately asking for Forgiveness to ALLAH the Most Granting Forgiveness, if we have done some bad deeds or actions such as  greedy, selfish, jealous,   ignoring other rights, unfair actions, and other Negative behavior which is  reminded  by ALLAH to be avoided;

We must always ask ALLAH to guide us and protect us from the whispering of  Syaitan,  who is declared  by ALLAH in the Holy Book AL Quran,  as the Real Enemy in our Life Journey, due to the Syaitan's arrogance, in rejecting ALLAH's order to be under the subordination of Adam who was created by ALLAH from Clay, whereas Syaitan claims to ALLAH that Syaitan was created by ALLAH from Fire, and therefore claim to have a more higher hierarchic than Adam as human being.
We have Copy and Cut Paste from :


Sahih International

And We have certainly created you, [O Mankind], and given you [human] form. Then We said to the angels, "Prostrate to Adam"; so they prostrated, except for Iblees. He was not of those who prostrated.



Sahih International

[ Allah ] said, "What prevented you from prostrating when I commanded you?" [Satan] said, "I am better than him. You created me from fire and created him from clay."

From the Writer's  experience practicing as Independent  Business Lawyer, in the Reality of Business Activities,  we can frequently find Greediness behavior performed by  Business Actors / Investors, Corporations  in implementing their business ambition corporate expansion, by forcing their greediness and ambitions, without honoring other Stakeholders rights which, frequently demonstrates to be far from the teachings of the Holy Books as the Creator's Guidance, that all Natural Wealth in this World is actually Created by ALLAH the Creator, as a test  whether we are Thankful or not to the Creator who had given us Human Beings all the needed and required Raw materials in this World through all the Natural Resources and wealth including the Wide Spread unlimited Ocean and Sea  as the Source of Water,  where based on the Highest Intellectual Mind and only Solely Owned by ALLAH as the Sole Creator of this Universe, which by the One Sun being  Created by ALLAH, is placed by ALLAH  in the Sky like a Great Round Fire Ball created by ALLAH, which one of the Significant Function is to evaporate a certain Volume of the Sea and Ocean Water, which previously contained salt,  becoming thousands of Clouds floating in the Sky and being pushed by ALLAH through the Wind created by ALLAH  blowing such Clouds  to the place of Dry and Dead Land due to long dry season, where the evaporated Volume of water is  ordered and designed to fall in the form of Rain (without containing salt) and not in the form of Water Fall from a Damp,  to shower and wash the Dry and Dead Land to become alive again, and  not only for the Dry and Dead Land as component of the World, but  also for all the Various unlimited Plants, seeds and animal to drink the unlimited  Water poured downed to the Ground in the form of Rain from light to heavy rain.
This system of Nature was very well designed by ALLAH the Most Great Creator and Designer of this Universe to be solely given by ALLAH Most Merciful and Gracefulness to and for each and all Human Being who  is and are created by ALLAH from the Worldly Material which is Clay, Water and all elements of the Earth, to manage the World,  without ALLAH asking any kind of Return of Investment from the Human Being, but merely asking each and every Human Being without exception in this Whole World to Worship ALLAH and Only ALLAH as the Sole Creator of this World, Universe and Galaxies.

Furthermore through ALLAH's Most Kindness, Merciful and Gracefulness,  ALLAH has given us  (i) the Physical Body consisting of Brain, Mind, Body, Ears, Mouth, Nose,  Heart   and most importantly (ii) the Spiritual element which is the  Soul or Nafs, where ALLAH has has given us Guidance how to be the Leader in managing live and  this World,  as mentioned in the Holy Books through all the Prophets sent down by ALLAH to this World,  from Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), Taurah through   Musa (Moses), Injil (Bilble) through Prophet Isa and the Last and Completed Holy Book Al Quran  through Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. as the Closing Prophet, whereby the Most Significant Concept which will not be changed from Prophets to Prophets, namely "TAUHID" meaning the Acknowledgement and believed of  Monotheism that there is no God by only ALLAH as the Only Creator of this Whole Entire Universe including the World that we live in, where ALLAH does not not need any Partnership or co-Creator or other elements whomsoever nor ALLAH does not need to have any son nor daughter, since ALLAH is the Beginning (Awalu) and the End (Akhiru), where we as human being are limited to get the Knowledge of ALLAH from the the Holy Books which are the Words of ALLAH and the Sign of the Greatness, Gracefulness, Most Kindness of ALLAH  from the Physical Nature of this World, the Sky and what is containing and existing between and in the Sky and the World that we live in.         
In principal and in the real world,  the implementation starts from the way and manner how the Authorized Legislator, Executive involving all the expertise regulates  the rights to extract, explore, exploit, produce and distributing the Natural Wealth such as Minerals, Copper, Gold, all kind of Fishes in the Sea, Ocean, and many Productive Plantations, Animals such as Cow, Buffalo, Ox, Sheep, Chicken, Ducks, which was Created by the Creator in different scattered Geographic Locations around  this World for us Human Being as the creation of ALLAH, including the process of Oil and Gas which according to the Geologist was resulted from the process of long period  Very High Pressure and Very Hot Temperature upon  all the long time dead  plankton Animals, human being, plantation which was buried  deep below the ground. on the Ground  for more than 350 Million Years resulting to become Oil and Gas as the Natural Resources for creating Energy.  
Each and every Country has their own concept of laws and regulations which was adopted and established by histories, cultures, habits, customs, including the history of colonization conquering  of countries, kingdoms, tribes including the belief system  and way of life of every respective nations scattered around the Globe from generations to generations.

In this Modern Digital and IT Era, the Big One Geographical World, becomes more closer to one and another, where, each and every group of communities are influencing each other through the fast IT Era, through Many Media Communication. This also could have 2 Aspects of Influence depending on the Ruling Power in the World either Militarily, Financial Strength, Executives, Management, Professional are close to the Positive Inspirations (Righteous) or Negative (Wickedness) inspirations embodied on the soul of the respected Authorized Officers collectively and individually in implementing and exercising  their Vision and Mission which according to the Believers has to be guided by the Holy Books sent down by ALLAH the Al Mighty from generations to Generations.
In light of the above,  in our day to day life while at the Working Place, Business Community or  at the home community, we sometimes, from time time faced arguments, disputes including, different of interpretation in exercising a written agreed contracts, or interpretation of Laws, Rules, Policies, Traditional Customs and other related and relevant issues,  between member of the Business Communities and Stakeholders, between Shareholders in a Limited Liability Company, or between Partners in a Partnership arrangements, between Companies in a Joint Operation Agreement, as well as in Making Laws by (i) the Legislative members in the Parliament of House of Peoples Representatives (consisting of representatives of Political Parties,  who represents their incumbents who are the people who votes each an every member of the Parties having the same way of thinking, vision and mission and (ii) the member of Executives (being represented by the President and the member of Ministers of Cabinets as well as their subordinated staffs within their subordinated members in each respective Departments) starting from making the Legal Framework and Infrastructure of Laws which for sure shall be the product Political Rules between the Legislative -  House of Peoples Representatives, and Executives, where in drafting the Laws, they also ask  inputs from the Non Governmental Organization (NGO or LSM we called it in Indonesia) as well as Professional Expertise, depending on the respective issues being discussed), either caused by difference in grasping or  understanding a certain issue, in our real daily day to day  life. As had Witness to be the Last Holy Book used as the Filter and the Main Source of Holy Books to the Verify the  authentic, rightness of ALLAH 's teaching of Iman - Faith believing Tauhid - there is no other element to be Worshiped but ALLAH only, since only ALLAH has the Capacity and Power to Create this Whole Big Universe, without needing any help and assistance from anyone whomsoever and whatsoever. .
As been illustrated  above the 2 (Two) Significant Potential elements that is the Positive (Righteous) and Negative (Wickedness)  which had been planted and built by ALLAH,  in each and every Soul of Persons involved,  shall play a significant important Role, in looking at the end result of the Product of mankind,  especially, if the people are no longer close to the Teachings of ALLAH in the Holy Books which teaching among others are ordering us not to make any destruction nor taking away other Nations Natural Wealth by Unfairness and Hostile in whatsoever form.

We have to remember that The Highest Dominion of this Universe is ALLAH as recited in  the Holy Quran Surah Al Mulk  

تَبَارَكَ الَّذِي بِيَدِهِ الْمُلْكُ وَهُوَ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ

      Surah 67 Verse 1 and 2
 The Writer copy and cut past from


Blessed is He (ALLAH)  in whose Hand is the Dominion, and He is (Able to do) over all things Competent -ارَكَ الَّذِي بِيَدِهِ الْمُلْكُ وَهُوَ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ              

[He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed - and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving -

However, since Believing in Faith or Iman upon ALLAH as the Creator of this Universe, is to be captured by Qolbu or Heart which physically is a piece of flesh meat  in each and every Human Being, this really depends on every of us as to whether, we wanted to open our heart and mind to read ALLAH's teaching in the Holy Book to get Enlightenment          

Jakarta, 4 March 2017
Agung Supomo Suleiman
Writer of this Blog

Sunday, April 24, 2016


From our live journey experiences in this World,  we can observe  that in every snapshots and fragmentation  of our live, we are always faced with  moral ethics behaviour versus the greedy temptation in our own individual day to day life, where in reality there seems and appears to be no any justice or fairness in the real life, since  all depends on the leverage of position of the person, individually,  groups or organization whatever the form is in every corner of this world. 
  • For intance, in the real business world,  in negotiating  a business deal starting from drafting a Letter of Intent or Memorandum Of Understanding, the real question which pops up in each mind of the Parties enggaged in such transactions or intention is " Who needs who" where in every business transactions it always involves the need and requirements of funds, money, capital, technology, know how, skills, sources of funds, sources of  raw materials of  products, human power, management, enterpreneurship skills, power, influences, networks and other related elements. 
In the real world, if you are  raised in a society where no moral. ethics elements are taken into consideration, starting from the early childhood stages, probably it will end up into shaping an immoral and unethics society, where you are educated and used to view and observe  the process of how to reach your carrer path or accumulating your wealth, without questioning whether you are taking other person or people's or countries or nations wealth, natural resources, fishes without taking into considerations the  manner, ethical, moral or the right way.

In other words we are only looking on the end result of how much capital and wealth that we can put in our bank account, without even thinking whether we are taking the wealth or natural resources, opportunity to taste Secure, Clean, Rapid Mass Public Transportation, of the host people, by doing unfair actions such as lobbying the Excecutives and Legislatives of a certain country through  an un-ethical or immoral manner, for instance  through giving monies, or promises of wealth or project for the personal interest of these Excecutives and Legislatives members,  in return of  achieving goals and targets  to obtain  a "Law Product",  which entertain and is more favourable  to the Lobbyist who represents the Corporations and/ or  certain other foreign Government resulting the real and actual loss of opportunity  of the real people's need and Public social welfare of such Host Country,  particularly  which unable the host public people to increase their quality of life, know how, opportunity to become financially independent, and trapped to become  always dependent to other Major Countries or Major MNC Corporations of Organization.
  • We can take for an example such as the MRT (Mass Rapid Transportation)  in Jakarta, which has just started to be constructed recently last year and scheduled to be completed and ready for operations in the year 2019. As we know Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia which had actually been Independent for more than  70 Years since 1945. 
Thus, we can observe and conclude that during this long period of time, the Executives and the Legislatives in Jakarta, are not in any way thinking or are in favour or are concern  how to "serve" the People of Jakarta which amounts to around 10 Million  inhabitants to get a Secure, Clean, On Time, Rapid Mass Rapid Transportation or Decent Public Busses like our Country Neigborhood. 
  • Accordingly, it demonstrates without any doubt that there is a strong indication that the Excecutives and Legislatives are in collaboration with the strong lobbyist of the Car Manufactures, during these last former  period, to be more in favour towards the Corporation who manufactures the Cars which really   caused "The Terrible  traffic jam in Jakarta resulting "waste of billions of Rupiah"  through using gasoline fuel in this Terrible Traffic Jam. The real question shall  than be : 
    Was there a continous systematic Lobbying by the Lobbyist who represents the Corporation,  being backed up by the Political Elits Presure from the Country where the Car Manufacture Corporation was originated due to their "National Interest"? The more further Questiones :shall be : How about the National Interest  of the Host Country who suffered loss by not benefiting and tasting the : "On Time, Secure, Clean, Rapid Public Busess and Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT)" which had been implemented in their own countries for some long years ago.

    There is a saying that the "People of One Country deserve The Government and Excecutive that they had elelcted". 

Jakarta, April 2016
Agung Supomo Suleiman  

Friday, April 22, 2016

the Holy Month of Ramadhan is closeby

Halo,  we are now in  the month of Rajab, where  for muslims faith and believers,  who are  using  the Muslim Calendar or the Hijr Calendar  who is basing  on the Lunar Calendar and not the Solar Calendar,  we are informed  by ALLAH  under the Holy Quran   that this Month  of Rajab is  considered as 1(one) of the Holy Month out of the 4 (four) months within the 12 (Twelve) months, which are considered  as  Holy Months.
 Please be noted that based on the Lunar Calender when the Moon has revolved around the Earth 12 (Twelve) times, than 1(one) Year in the Moslem Calendar  of the  Hijri Year has been completed 
Under the Gregorian calendar, 1 Year is calculated based on the Earth revolving around the Sun, which takes 365 Days and 6 Hours, shall be taken as 1(one) Year.  
Hijr months are shorter than the Greogorian ones. Months determined under the basis of Hijr Calendar, is calculated on the basis of the Moon's orbit circulating  the Earth, which results  that the same month in the Hijr Calendar may sometimes fall in summer and the other times in Winter.
  • Thus the Month is not Fixed. This is why the month of  Ramadhan which is  the 9th month of the Hijr Calender. which is considered as the Month where the Muslim Faith believers are obligated by ALLAH to perform Fasting during this Ramadahan Months, as had been obligated to the previous believers to fast by ALLAH, pursuant to Surat Al Baqarah verse 183 of the Holy Al Quran. Accordingly the Holy Month of Ramadhan is closeby around 2 Months from this Month of Rajab. We as Moslems are requested  pray to ALLAH asking that we are given health  by ALLAH phisically, mentally and spiritually,  so that we can welcome and can meet and enter the coming blessed Holy Month of Ramadhan, which are being waited by us as the believers in the faith of Islam, meaning surrendering ourselves to the One and only ALLAH as the Creator of this Universe that we are permited by ALLAH to live.

  • Jakarta, 23 April 2016 Agung Supomo Suleiman

    Friday, June 17, 2011

    Building Faith

    Life is full of challenges. If you want to be strong in your attitude and character you have to always keep communications with the AL Mighty who had created this beautiful world that we are living.    In order to build your soul you have to believe and have faith in ALLAH The ALL Mighty by reading and listening to the words of GOD from the Holy Book that was sent through the Chosen Messenger Mohammad S.A.W.
    • Based on my self life experience, there is the ups and downs in the feeling of such faith. But if you are far from communication with ALLAH, you sometimes feel that you are lost and confused with you life destiny. But if you are pushing really hard to listening carefully to the words of God which for me I really like to listen to the Digital Quran, we will force our self to grab or understanding to the essence of GOD's teaching in the Al Quran.

    Al Quran is actually easy to digest, these knowledge is informed by ALLAH from the Al Quran itself. So you have to build your faith to ALLAH who is  very kind to us human beings to open our heart to get the knowledge of life from this Holy Book and to be implemented with the real day to day life in this real world.
    If we have faith in ALLAH, we really are lucky, because we know where to ask and where to seek the true guidance and the right path in pursuing our life.
    By processing the ups and down in your life journey, we really need to seek and dig out the essence of this life. We have to be patient and be focused on what we want from this life.Life are full of challenges. 

    • From the experience in our life, we will realize that nobody is perfect in this world. We need guidance from ALLAH to show us the right path that we have to follow. For me myself I am born from a muslim family. But it does not automatically shape your life as a muslim. We have yo learn from the Words in the Holy Book Al Quran and from the reality of life and observe in order to get the knowledge, essence and wisdom of life. Nothing is free in this world except the morning air which is really clear and can be felt by Muslim if they wake up in the morning and goes to the Mosque to pray the Subuh prayer which is around 4. 30 in the the morning.

    This morning prayer will establish discipline in managing your wake up time manner. The given air outside is really clean which is really good and healthy for your lungs and body.We as muslim believer must establish our trust to GOD The Al Mighty.

    There will be a time where you feel that you have been wasting your past life since you realize that you are far from the right path that we have to be pursue, if you are basing it from the teachings of ALLAH. We really have to surrender our selves to the teachings of ALLAH in the Holy Quran, and ask for ALLAH forgiveness, since ALLAH is Most Forgiving to the servants of ALLAH who wants to return to the right path as been guided and shown in the Al Quran. From there on we will always ask for ALLAH protection and blessings to face the life challenges in front of us.

    We have to thank ALLAH, for sending the Messenger Mohammad and all the other messenger before Mohammad such as Abraham, Moses, Isa, Jusuf and all messengers of ALLAH as described in the Holy Al Quran.

    Jakarta, 17th June 2011

    Wednesday, May 26, 2010

    Developing Faith

    We really have to be patient in exercising our life. We have to be thankful and grateful  to the Creator  who had given all of us the opportunity to live in this world. We all really exist and must search and seek the truth as to who we are and what is the purpose of us being created by the Creator in this world.

    The world is a test place for all of us. Since we all will die, there must be a purpose that we are living temporarily in this world. Where do we go after we die? This is really a tough question where in order to get the real answer is not by guessing but we must search and seek to obtain the real solid and strong answer, which can only be answered by the Creator of this World.
    We have to fight for fairness and justice, where we realize that we frequently observed and faced non fair trial answer,  globally as well as locally. The important element is fairness and transparency. We have to be fair,  justice, honest   in pursuing our goal in  live. The significant element  in life is that we have to know our real path and destiny in this temporary world. The fact of the matter is that nothing is permanent in this world including ourselves.

    Everything is temporary, except the Creator. Thus, there appears to be  2 worlds, namely the temporary world and World Hereinafter which will occur after The Judgement Day as described by ALLAH as the Creator in the Holy Books,
    The Holy Books are Reminders and Glad Information for the Believers (Iman - Faith) from ALLAH.
    The Area of this "Faith" or "Iman"   is a "believe system: where  we have to search, explore and really dig out  the information given by  ALLAH as  the Only Creator through the Holy Books including Al Quran.
    As Muslims, we have to have faith that AL Quran  is  the final Holy Book sent down by ALLAH through Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. as the closing and last Prophet sent down by ALLAH to give guidance upon the Straight Path as Guided by ALLAH from period to period by the former Prophets to their followers prior to Prophet Mohammad S.A.W. period.

    The tools and instrument to capture the essence of ALLAH Words as recited  in the Holy Quran is through our Heart ( Qolbu), Eyes and Ears,  which are all created by ALLAH as mentioned in the Holy Book of Al Quran.

    As Moslem (Moslem means "Surrender to ALLAH")  must have faith upon all the Prophets and Holy Books sent down by ALLAH to ALLAH's Messenger which are the Rasul and the Prophets, where all the Rasul and Prophets were  requested by ALLAH to tell  their followers to only Worship ALLAH The Only One who Created  this World. 
    Everybody who believes in ALLAHhas the obligation to Believe in the Day Hereafter, as informed by ALLAH frequently in many paragraphs  in the Holy Books as a Significant Element of becoming an "Iman" Person. The most significant element  in order that we could be on the Straight Path is through the process of  "developing Faith" by firstly willing to open our "Heart" ("Qolbu")  to read    ("Iqra")  the content of the Holy Books, which for "Faith Certainty",  must refer to the Latest Scripture of the Holy Book sent down by ALLAH, which is the Holy Book  Al Quran;
    In this Al Quran, ALLAH frequently  recited the teachings of all  Prophets prior to Mohammad S.A.W. which among others includes Daud, Sulaiman, Abraham, Josepf (Jusuf),  Moses, Isa, where the closing and last Rasul / Prophet is Muhammad S.A.W.
     Thus, as muslim, we are requested by ALLAH  from  the Begining of Reading the Holy Book of Al Quran, in the Surat Al Baqarah ( Translated " Surah "Cow"), that we as the Believers must Believe in the Holy Quran sent down by ALLAH to Muhammad S.A.W. as well as that we must "believe" in the Holy Books which were sent down by ALLAH before Mohammad which includes  The Holy Book - Taurat which was sent down to Prophet Moses and the Holy Book - Injil which was sent down to  Prophet Isa by ALLAH.     

    The second significant element shall be doing "Good Deeds" in this World as implementation of the Holy Teachings of ALLAH in the Holy Al Quran. We as believers are prohibited to  make destruction in this world. We have to make good deeds which can benefit to all mankind. We have to be  useful to ourselves and avoid  making destruction to others.
    We must be fair and justice to everybody, regardless who they are. We really can learn a lot from the life cycle of the nature, where there are the ups and the downs and there will always be balance or "seeking for Equilibrium", if at one time there is unbalance  in nature.  One of the sign of the Greatness of  The Creator is that the Creator created many languages and color of mankind as mentioned under the Holy Book of Al Quran. 
    Everything has a purpose in this life. Nobody is perfect in this world. In order for us to become a good person is by developing our faith through life process by forcing ourselves to have the strong willingness to  read the Holy Book of Al Quran. With the Global fast media through the Internet, we can really find good sources in getting Answers  as to : What is Islam ? What is Al Quran ?  So Iman is actually a process of developing faith by opening our Heart to force ourselves to read the Al Quran, in our life journey to Remind us as well as giving Glad Information by ALLAH to perform the Straight Path as were given examples by all the Prophets during their period to their Believers as recited in the Holy Book of Al Quran.
    The Highest Knowledge of  Knowing ALLAH   shall be the willingness of ourselves to "really seek the truth of Faith", which was continuously informed to us, from  period to period,   by ALLAH through ALLAH's messengers : The Prophets,  where  the Significant Concept of Monotheism or "TAUHID",  is that " That there is no God, but ALLAH".  Therefore,  ALLAH is the Only One Creator of this World,  that we have to worship,  and ALLAH informed us in the Holy Books that ALLAH has no Father, no Mother and nor any Child.
    The Holy Book of AL Quran is the final Holy Book sent down by ALLAH, where the content of the teachings of this Monotheism Concept can be found in the teachings of all the Prophets, which were sent down by ALLAH,  as mentioned in the Holy Book of AL Quran, to be a Reminder and Glad Tidings to all mankind.  

    Jakarta, Edited 3rd June 2016
    Agung Supomo Suleiman

    Thursday, March 25, 2010

    How To Manage Power

    Every body in this world is seeking Power. By  possessing power they feel that they can control and do the things that that wanted to do. You either gain power by your Intellectual Knowledge, your economic or financial strength, your influences, your networks, your control on the Military infrastructure (Nuclear) your control on the media and other types of control either in the Executives, Judicatory and Legislative body.

    Power tend to corruption. Power also tend to be greedy. Power tend to be abused. If you do not believe in the ALL Mighty and the Day Hereafter or the FINAL DAY JUDGMENT  you tend to be greedy and unfair in implementing and exercising your Power.
    Oil and Gas contributes in fueling the Military Fleet, Airplane and Industries. By controlling the Oil and Gas Deposits, transportation and Storage Fuel Supply a country can be powerful. You can see these  scene in  the real world, where Powerful Nation is driving to have Maximum control and possessed  places  or territory where it is Rich with Oil and Gas Deposits and Reservoir.
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    As we all know, from generation to generation, during the decades there are types of  Nation or Country who likes to control the world. If they are aggressive such Nation and Country tries to expand their Power Influences by controlling and occupying the elements that can make them powerful.  In this new Era of Globalization such Powerful Country wants to control the United Nation. If the United Nations are against their wants they will gather their support through their alien such as Nato for example. 
    Thus you may see that having Power without believing that ALLAH  exists and that the Final Day exists and will come including does not want to believe the teachings of the Holy Books as guidance for Human Being how to live in this world as created by ALLAH as the ALL Mighty will  for sure brings destruction to mankind.

    We are not allowed to make destruction to the world.  These is recited several times in the Holy Books. As a Muslim believers we are not allowed to kill the chicken or lamb, cow that we eat without first saying with the name of ALLAH the Most Graceful and Merciful. During the Haji Pilgrims we are not allowed to destroy plants. 

    Therefore  if we seek Power we must manage to control such Power by obeying what ALLAH asks us to do and avoid all the prohibitions as recited in the Holy Books of AL Quran or Bible and Taurah to the extent the Monotheism Concept is adopted and recognized.  
    Agung Supomo Suleiman

    Saturday, March 20, 2010

    Consistent - Istiqamah

    As a Muslim believer you have to be consistent in developing and maintaining your faith by always continuously listen and read the Holy Book of Al Quran. You found many stories of Prophets which was sent by the Creator ALLAH to remind people to only worship ALLAH the Only One GOD and no other God but ALLAH. we call this consistent as Istiqamah.  Such principles of faith is the fundamental Pillar of the Islam Religion. There are no changes of the Oneness of ALLAH ( Monotheisme) from all the Prophets and messengers that were sent down to the earth by ALLAH. As Muslims besides reading and listening we are also persuaded to spread our knowledge of faith to purify our heart and soul. A the implementation of this Dakwah, I have started to maintain this AGUNGSS Spiritual BlogFeedBurner.

    As we may read in one sources of this terminolgy we quote : 
    Quote :
    Istiqamah is one of the important concepts of Islam. In every time and every place, the Muslim would face challenges and hardships which necessitates steadfastness and adherence to his noble principles. Such steadfastness emanates from strong faith and unshakable trust in Allah, and yields its ripe fruits in all spheres of life.
    We have to train ourselves to be consistent in learning and getting the correct sources of such faith by listening and reading to the wrods of ALLAH in the AL Quran. One of the method that you can do is by listening to voice of the AL Quran through the Digital AL Quran.

    The words of ALLAH is most powerful in keeping our heart purify and strong to always remember ALLAH as the only Creator of this World that we are living. We must only worship ALLAH and no other element but ALLAH as the Only One and ALL MIGHTY GOD. In the AL Quran you may found many stories of Abraham experiences seeking the truth as to who must Abraham worship.

    When ALLAH had not yet gave the faith knowledge, ABRAHAM thought that the most powerful  element is the sun, stars. However, when the night arrives and the sun was no longer seen, ABRAHAM realized that the Sun is not the Most powerful element. When Abraham look at the stars he thought that the stars was the powerful element but when the day time arrives and the stars disappear, ABRAHAM realized that the Stars are not the powerful element.

    We as Muslims pursuant to AL Quran must follow the religion of Abraham pursuant to Surah 
    An-Nahl 16:123 As we can see ABRAHAM shows the character of a man seeking for the truth in his whole life. In searching such truth ABRAHAM was really serious and consistent. He even rebelled against his father who worship the Statutes made out of Stones. He challenged his father's faith by destroying the Statutes except the Biggest statute where he left his ax in the neck of such Statute, and asked his father to questioned the statute who could not even defend from being destroyed by Abraham.   

    We can see and learn that  the character that we have to follow as shown by the prophets,  is  always seeking  the truth in worshiping the ALL MIGHTY ALLAH. Therefore we have to study and learn upon the wonder of the Nature and the Working system of such Nature which actually shows and demonstrates the Signs of the Greatness of ALLAH as the Creator of this Nature.

    Thus Monotheism which is the faith of believing  in One GOD as the Supreme Owner and Creator of this whole Universe and Galaxy is the real principles that we as Muslims must  adopt and keep on searching  deeply within our Heart,  which according to the ALLAH words as recited in the  Holy Books must be kept and hold firmly. The ALL Mighty One called ALLAH is the Real and Right Powerful GOD who has the capacity and power to create this whole Universe that we are living. As the Muslim believers we have to have faith and believe without doubt that ALLAH is the only One God whom we must worship and obey. We have also to believe on the Final Hereafter Day, where we have to be responsible to ALLAH upon all the acts and deeds that we have done during our living in this temporary world starting from our faith in worshiping ALLAH as the Only One God. 

    As we can see above consistent or steadfastness in the AL Quran or in the Muslim teachings is known as istiqamah. Agung Supomo Suleiman