Friday, June 17, 2011

Building Faith

Life is full of challenges. If you want to be strong in your attitude and character you have to always keep communications with the AL Mighty who had created this beautiful world that we are living.    In order to build your soul you have to believe and have faith in ALLAH The ALL Mighty by reading and listening to the words of GOD from the Holy Book that was sent through the Chosen Messenger Mohammad S.A.W.
  • Based on my self life experience, there is the ups and downs in the feeling of such faith. But if you are far from communication with ALLAH, you sometimes feel that you are lost and confused with you life destiny. But if you are pushing really hard to listening carefully to the words of God which for me I really like to listen to the Digital Quran, we will force our self to grab or understanding to the essence of GOD's teaching in the Al Quran.

Al Quran is actually easy to digest, these knowledge is informed by ALLAH from the Al Quran itself. So you have to build your faith to ALLAH who is  very kind to us human beings to open our heart to get the knowledge of life from this Holy Book and to be implemented with the real day to day life in this real world.
If we have faith in ALLAH, we really are lucky, because we know where to ask and where to seek the true guidance and the right path in pursuing our life.
By processing the ups and down in your life journey, we really need to seek and dig out the essence of this life. We have to be patient and be focused on what we want from this life.Life are full of challenges. 

  • From the experience in our life, we will realize that nobody is perfect in this world. We need guidance from ALLAH to show us the right path that we have to follow. For me myself I am born from a muslim family. But it does not automatically shape your life as a muslim. We have yo learn from the Words in the Holy Book Al Quran and from the reality of life and observe in order to get the knowledge, essence and wisdom of life. Nothing is free in this world except the morning air which is really clear and can be felt by Muslim if they wake up in the morning and goes to the Mosque to pray the Subuh prayer which is around 4. 30 in the the morning.

This morning prayer will establish discipline in managing your wake up time manner. The given air outside is really clean which is really good and healthy for your lungs and body.We as muslim believer must establish our trust to GOD The Al Mighty.

There will be a time where you feel that you have been wasting your past life since you realize that you are far from the right path that we have to be pursue, if you are basing it from the teachings of ALLAH. We really have to surrender our selves to the teachings of ALLAH in the Holy Quran, and ask for ALLAH forgiveness, since ALLAH is Most Forgiving to the servants of ALLAH who wants to return to the right path as been guided and shown in the Al Quran. From there on we will always ask for ALLAH protection and blessings to face the life challenges in front of us.

We have to thank ALLAH, for sending the Messenger Mohammad and all the other messenger before Mohammad such as Abraham, Moses, Isa, Jusuf and all messengers of ALLAH as described in the Holy Al Quran.

Jakarta, 17th June 2011

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Spiritual Healer said...

It depends on oneself that he admits the almighty and in what way he want to attain the spirituality.One should be religious but only at his own beliefs.