Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Developing Faith

We really have to be patient in exercising our life. We have to be thankful and grateful  to the Creator  who had given all of us the opportunity to live in this world. We all really exist and must search and seek the truth as to who we are and what is the purpose of us being created by the Creator in this world.

The world is a test place for all of us. Since we all will die, there must be a purpose that we are living temporarily in this world. Where do we go after we die? This is really a tough question where in order to get the real answer is not by guessing but we must search and seek to obtain the real solid and strong answer, which can only be answered by the Creator of this World.
We have to fight for fairness and justice, where we realize that we frequently observed and faced non fair trial answer,  globally as well as locally. The important element is fairness and transparency. We have to be fair,  justice, honest   in pursuing our goal in  live. The significant element  in life is that we have to know our real path and destiny in this temporary world. The fact of the matter is that nothing is permanent in this world including ourselves.

Everything is temporary, except the Creator. Thus, there appears to be  2 worlds, namely the temporary world and World Hereinafter which will occur after The Judgement Day as described by ALLAH as the Creator in the Holy Books,
The Holy Books are Reminders and Glad Information for the Believers (Iman - Faith) from ALLAH.
The Area of this "Faith" or "Iman"   is a "believe system: where  we have to search, explore and really dig out  the information given by  ALLAH as  the Only Creator through the Holy Books including Al Quran.
As Muslims, we have to have faith that AL Quran  is  the final Holy Book sent down by ALLAH through Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. as the closing and last Prophet sent down by ALLAH to give guidance upon the Straight Path as Guided by ALLAH from period to period by the former Prophets to their followers prior to Prophet Mohammad S.A.W. period.

The tools and instrument to capture the essence of ALLAH Words as recited  in the Holy Quran is through our Heart ( Qolbu), Eyes and Ears,  which are all created by ALLAH as mentioned in the Holy Book of Al Quran.

As Moslem (Moslem means "Surrender to ALLAH")  must have faith upon all the Prophets and Holy Books sent down by ALLAH to ALLAH's Messenger which are the Rasul and the Prophets, where all the Rasul and Prophets were  requested by ALLAH to tell  their followers to only Worship ALLAH The Only One who Created  this World. 
Everybody who believes in ALLAHhas the obligation to Believe in the Day Hereafter, as informed by ALLAH frequently in many paragraphs  in the Holy Books as a Significant Element of becoming an "Iman" Person. The most significant element  in order that we could be on the Straight Path is through the process of  "developing Faith" by firstly willing to open our "Heart" ("Qolbu")  to read    ("Iqra")  the content of the Holy Books, which for "Faith Certainty",  must refer to the Latest Scripture of the Holy Book sent down by ALLAH, which is the Holy Book  Al Quran;
In this Al Quran, ALLAH frequently  recited the teachings of all  Prophets prior to Mohammad S.A.W. which among others includes Daud, Sulaiman, Abraham, Josepf (Jusuf),  Moses, Isa, where the closing and last Rasul / Prophet is Muhammad S.A.W.
 Thus, as muslim, we are requested by ALLAH  from  the Begining of Reading the Holy Book of Al Quran, in the Surat Al Baqarah ( Translated " Surah "Cow"), that we as the Believers must Believe in the Holy Quran sent down by ALLAH to Muhammad S.A.W. as well as that we must "believe" in the Holy Books which were sent down by ALLAH before Mohammad which includes  The Holy Book - Taurat which was sent down to Prophet Moses and the Holy Book - Injil which was sent down to  Prophet Isa by ALLAH.     

The second significant element shall be doing "Good Deeds" in this World as implementation of the Holy Teachings of ALLAH in the Holy Al Quran. We as believers are prohibited to  make destruction in this world. We have to make good deeds which can benefit to all mankind. We have to be  useful to ourselves and avoid  making destruction to others.
We must be fair and justice to everybody, regardless who they are. We really can learn a lot from the life cycle of the nature, where there are the ups and the downs and there will always be balance or "seeking for Equilibrium", if at one time there is unbalance  in nature.  One of the sign of the Greatness of  The Creator is that the Creator created many languages and color of mankind as mentioned under the Holy Book of Al Quran. 
Everything has a purpose in this life. Nobody is perfect in this world. In order for us to become a good person is by developing our faith through life process by forcing ourselves to have the strong willingness to  read the Holy Book of Al Quran. With the Global fast media through the Internet, we can really find good sources in getting Answers  as to : What is Islam ? What is Al Quran ?  So Iman is actually a process of developing faith by opening our Heart to force ourselves to read the Al Quran, in our life journey to Remind us as well as giving Glad Information by ALLAH to perform the Straight Path as were given examples by all the Prophets during their period to their Believers as recited in the Holy Book of Al Quran.
The Highest Knowledge of  Knowing ALLAH   shall be the willingness of ourselves to "really seek the truth of Faith", which was continuously informed to us, from  period to period,   by ALLAH through ALLAH's messengers : The Prophets,  where  the Significant Concept of Monotheism or "TAUHID",  is that " That there is no God, but ALLAH".  Therefore,  ALLAH is the Only One Creator of this World,  that we have to worship,  and ALLAH informed us in the Holy Books that ALLAH has no Father, no Mother and nor any Child.
The Holy Book of AL Quran is the final Holy Book sent down by ALLAH, where the content of the teachings of this Monotheism Concept can be found in the teachings of all the Prophets, which were sent down by ALLAH,  as mentioned in the Holy Book of AL Quran, to be a Reminder and Glad Tidings to all mankind.  

Jakarta, Edited 3rd June 2016
Agung Supomo Suleiman

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