Thursday, March 25, 2010

How To Manage Power

Every body in this world is seeking Power. By  possessing power they feel that they can control and do the things that that wanted to do. You either gain power by your Intellectual Knowledge, your economic or financial strength, your influences, your networks, your control on the Military infrastructure (Nuclear) your control on the media and other types of control either in the Executives, Judicatory and Legislative body.

Power tend to corruption. Power also tend to be greedy. Power tend to be abused. If you do not believe in the ALL Mighty and the Day Hereafter or the FINAL DAY JUDGMENT  you tend to be greedy and unfair in implementing and exercising your Power.
Oil and Gas contributes in fueling the Military Fleet, Airplane and Industries. By controlling the Oil and Gas Deposits, transportation and Storage Fuel Supply a country can be powerful. You can see these  scene in  the real world, where Powerful Nation is driving to have Maximum control and possessed  places  or territory where it is Rich with Oil and Gas Deposits and Reservoir.
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As we all know, from generation to generation, during the decades there are types of  Nation or Country who likes to control the world. If they are aggressive such Nation and Country tries to expand their Power Influences by controlling and occupying the elements that can make them powerful.  In this new Era of Globalization such Powerful Country wants to control the United Nation. If the United Nations are against their wants they will gather their support through their alien such as Nato for example. 
Thus you may see that having Power without believing that ALLAH  exists and that the Final Day exists and will come including does not want to believe the teachings of the Holy Books as guidance for Human Being how to live in this world as created by ALLAH as the ALL Mighty will  for sure brings destruction to mankind.

We are not allowed to make destruction to the world.  These is recited several times in the Holy Books. As a Muslim believers we are not allowed to kill the chicken or lamb, cow that we eat without first saying with the name of ALLAH the Most Graceful and Merciful. During the Haji Pilgrims we are not allowed to destroy plants. 

Therefore  if we seek Power we must manage to control such Power by obeying what ALLAH asks us to do and avoid all the prohibitions as recited in the Holy Books of AL Quran or Bible and Taurah to the extent the Monotheism Concept is adopted and recognized.  
Agung Supomo Suleiman

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