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Consistent - Istiqamah

As a Muslim believer you have to be consistent in developing and maintaining your faith by always continuously listen and read the Holy Book of Al Quran. You found many stories of Prophets which was sent by the Creator ALLAH to remind people to only worship ALLAH the Only One GOD and no other God but ALLAH. we call this consistent as Istiqamah.  Such principles of faith is the fundamental Pillar of the Islam Religion. There are no changes of the Oneness of ALLAH ( Monotheisme) from all the Prophets and messengers that were sent down to the earth by ALLAH. As Muslims besides reading and listening we are also persuaded to spread our knowledge of faith to purify our heart and soul. A the implementation of this Dakwah, I have started to maintain this AGUNGSS Spiritual BlogFeedBurner.

As we may read in one sources of this terminolgy we quote : 
Quote :
Istiqamah is one of the important concepts of Islam. In every time and every place, the Muslim would face challenges and hardships which necessitates steadfastness and adherence to his noble principles. Such steadfastness emanates from strong faith and unshakable trust in Allah, and yields its ripe fruits in all spheres of life.
We have to train ourselves to be consistent in learning and getting the correct sources of such faith by listening and reading to the wrods of ALLAH in the AL Quran. One of the method that you can do is by listening to voice of the AL Quran through the Digital AL Quran.

The words of ALLAH is most powerful in keeping our heart purify and strong to always remember ALLAH as the only Creator of this World that we are living. We must only worship ALLAH and no other element but ALLAH as the Only One and ALL MIGHTY GOD. In the AL Quran you may found many stories of Abraham experiences seeking the truth as to who must Abraham worship.

When ALLAH had not yet gave the faith knowledge, ABRAHAM thought that the most powerful  element is the sun, stars. However, when the night arrives and the sun was no longer seen, ABRAHAM realized that the Sun is not the Most powerful element. When Abraham look at the stars he thought that the stars was the powerful element but when the day time arrives and the stars disappear, ABRAHAM realized that the Stars are not the powerful element.

We as Muslims pursuant to AL Quran must follow the religion of Abraham pursuant to Surah 
An-Nahl 16:123 As we can see ABRAHAM shows the character of a man seeking for the truth in his whole life. In searching such truth ABRAHAM was really serious and consistent. He even rebelled against his father who worship the Statutes made out of Stones. He challenged his father's faith by destroying the Statutes except the Biggest statute where he left his ax in the neck of such Statute, and asked his father to questioned the statute who could not even defend from being destroyed by Abraham.   

We can see and learn that  the character that we have to follow as shown by the prophets,  is  always seeking  the truth in worshiping the ALL MIGHTY ALLAH. Therefore we have to study and learn upon the wonder of the Nature and the Working system of such Nature which actually shows and demonstrates the Signs of the Greatness of ALLAH as the Creator of this Nature.

Thus Monotheism which is the faith of believing  in One GOD as the Supreme Owner and Creator of this whole Universe and Galaxy is the real principles that we as Muslims must  adopt and keep on searching  deeply within our Heart,  which according to the ALLAH words as recited in the  Holy Books must be kept and hold firmly. The ALL Mighty One called ALLAH is the Real and Right Powerful GOD who has the capacity and power to create this whole Universe that we are living. As the Muslim believers we have to have faith and believe without doubt that ALLAH is the only One God whom we must worship and obey. We have also to believe on the Final Hereafter Day, where we have to be responsible to ALLAH upon all the acts and deeds that we have done during our living in this temporary world starting from our faith in worshiping ALLAH as the Only One God. 

As we can see above consistent or steadfastness in the AL Quran or in the Muslim teachings is known as istiqamah. Agung Supomo Suleiman

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