Friday, April 22, 2016

the Holy Month of Ramadhan is closeby

Halo,  we are now in  the month of Rajab, where  for muslims faith and believers,  who are  using  the Muslim Calendar or the Hijr Calendar  who is basing  on the Lunar Calendar and not the Solar Calendar,  we are informed  by ALLAH  under the Holy Quran   that this Month  of Rajab is  considered as 1(one) of the Holy Month out of the 4 (four) months within the 12 (Twelve) months, which are considered  as  Holy Months.
 Please be noted that based on the Lunar Calender when the Moon has revolved around the Earth 12 (Twelve) times, than 1(one) Year in the Moslem Calendar  of the  Hijri Year has been completed 
Under the Gregorian calendar, 1 Year is calculated based on the Earth revolving around the Sun, which takes 365 Days and 6 Hours, shall be taken as 1(one) Year.  
Hijr months are shorter than the Greogorian ones. Months determined under the basis of Hijr Calendar, is calculated on the basis of the Moon's orbit circulating  the Earth, which results  that the same month in the Hijr Calendar may sometimes fall in summer and the other times in Winter.
  • Thus the Month is not Fixed. This is why the month of  Ramadhan which is  the 9th month of the Hijr Calender. which is considered as the Month where the Muslim Faith believers are obligated by ALLAH to perform Fasting during this Ramadahan Months, as had been obligated to the previous believers to fast by ALLAH, pursuant to Surat Al Baqarah verse 183 of the Holy Al Quran. Accordingly the Holy Month of Ramadhan is closeby around 2 Months from this Month of Rajab. We as Moslems are requested  pray to ALLAH asking that we are given health  by ALLAH phisically, mentally and spiritually,  so that we can welcome and can meet and enter the coming blessed Holy Month of Ramadhan, which are being waited by us as the believers in the faith of Islam, meaning surrendering ourselves to the One and only ALLAH as the Creator of this Universe that we are permited by ALLAH to live.

  • Jakarta, 23 April 2016 Agung Supomo Suleiman

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