Sunday, April 24, 2016


From our live journey experiences in this World,  we can observe  that in every snapshots and fragmentation  of our live, we are always faced with  moral ethics behaviour versus the greedy temptation in our own individual day to day life, where in reality there seems and appears to be no any justice or fairness in the real life, since  all depends on the leverage of position of the person, individually,  groups or organization whatever the form is in every corner of this world. 
  • For intance, in the real business world,  in negotiating  a business deal starting from drafting a Letter of Intent or Memorandum Of Understanding, the real question which pops up in each mind of the Parties enggaged in such transactions or intention is " Who needs who" where in every business transactions it always involves the need and requirements of funds, money, capital, technology, know how, skills, sources of funds, sources of  raw materials of  products, human power, management, enterpreneurship skills, power, influences, networks and other related elements. 
In the real world, if you are  raised in a society where no moral. ethics elements are taken into consideration, starting from the early childhood stages, probably it will end up into shaping an immoral and unethics society, where you are educated and used to view and observe  the process of how to reach your carrer path or accumulating your wealth, without questioning whether you are taking other person or people's or countries or nations wealth, natural resources, fishes without taking into considerations the  manner, ethical, moral or the right way.

In other words we are only looking on the end result of how much capital and wealth that we can put in our bank account, without even thinking whether we are taking the wealth or natural resources, opportunity to taste Secure, Clean, Rapid Mass Public Transportation, of the host people, by doing unfair actions such as lobbying the Excecutives and Legislatives of a certain country through  an un-ethical or immoral manner, for instance  through giving monies, or promises of wealth or project for the personal interest of these Excecutives and Legislatives members,  in return of  achieving goals and targets  to obtain  a "Law Product",  which entertain and is more favourable  to the Lobbyist who represents the Corporations and/ or  certain other foreign Government resulting the real and actual loss of opportunity  of the real people's need and Public social welfare of such Host Country,  particularly  which unable the host public people to increase their quality of life, know how, opportunity to become financially independent, and trapped to become  always dependent to other Major Countries or Major MNC Corporations of Organization.
  • We can take for an example such as the MRT (Mass Rapid Transportation)  in Jakarta, which has just started to be constructed recently last year and scheduled to be completed and ready for operations in the year 2019. As we know Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia which had actually been Independent for more than  70 Years since 1945. 
Thus, we can observe and conclude that during this long period of time, the Executives and the Legislatives in Jakarta, are not in any way thinking or are in favour or are concern  how to "serve" the People of Jakarta which amounts to around 10 Million  inhabitants to get a Secure, Clean, On Time, Rapid Mass Rapid Transportation or Decent Public Busses like our Country Neigborhood. 
  • Accordingly, it demonstrates without any doubt that there is a strong indication that the Excecutives and Legislatives are in collaboration with the strong lobbyist of the Car Manufactures, during these last former  period, to be more in favour towards the Corporation who manufactures the Cars which really   caused "The Terrible  traffic jam in Jakarta resulting "waste of billions of Rupiah"  through using gasoline fuel in this Terrible Traffic Jam. The real question shall  than be : 
    Was there a continous systematic Lobbying by the Lobbyist who represents the Corporation,  being backed up by the Political Elits Presure from the Country where the Car Manufacture Corporation was originated due to their "National Interest"? The more further Questiones :shall be : How about the National Interest  of the Host Country who suffered loss by not benefiting and tasting the : "On Time, Secure, Clean, Rapid Public Busess and Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT)" which had been implemented in their own countries for some long years ago.

    There is a saying that the "People of One Country deserve The Government and Excecutive that they had elelcted". 

Jakarta, April 2016
Agung Supomo Suleiman  

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