Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brainwaves Experiences

  • I really can feel that there must be a combination or communications or interaction between the brainwaves and our real deepest inner self awareness and consciousness, which is actually the real software, granted and built in within ourselves as a human being by the Great Creator of this Universe.
  • The tools to get this brainwaves and or inner real deepest inner self awareness and consciousness workable and merge is among others by listening to God's words from the Digital Quran continuously and repeating each verse i.e. 6 times and reading the translation of English or Indonesian language as well as the Arabic writing, in order to learn the contents of such Allah's words and teachings.
  • Such teachings are among others that Allah is the Creator of the sky, earth and whatever is between the earth and and sky which includes us as the most perfect creation so called human being, and all the plants, animals, mountains, water, sun, clouds, moon, wind, sea and all what is in the sea, which includes pearls which all are signs of the Greatness Power of Allah The All Mighty.
  • As Human being we have to seek and know ourselves in order the appreciate the Greatness of God. God has completed us with the brainwaves and inner self awareness and consciousness, which have to be manage by us to establish communication with the All Mighty.
  • This brainwaves and inner self awareness and consciousness is frequently hidden and covered and has to be pulled out and merged which we can feel in the form of brainwaves or vibration and also the inner of our self will also be merged and automatically without our involvement, tries to express itself which is usually detected by us from the vibration of our tongue and if we fully concentrate and observe will then be originated from our inner deep expression.
  • If for instance we praise the Greatness of Allah, our real inner self deep awareness will automatically talks and express itself praising the Greatness of Allah without our involvement.
  • To my feeling this might be known as fitrah. At this stage we then have to communicate and interact it with the brainwaves which is also a vibration which is also automatically vibrating in a constant speed, without our involvement.
  • Well the above are my writing, while waiting the time for breaking our fast in this holy month of Ramadhan.
agung supomo suleiman
Sunday 14 September 2008 17.20 hours

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