Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It is already been 8 months since January 2008 that our office moved to Grand Wijaya Centre. Wauw times goes by so fast. I really don't know what to say. I just feel that I wanted to express myself in this laptop. It was quite a busy week and thanks God it's already Friday 15 August 2008. Yes we must always be thankful to the Creator who has allowed us to still be alive in this world created by God. Many of our good friends had been called by God to return back to God who had created him or her, as it is said in the good teachings of God in His Books, among others the Holy Quran. Everything is created by God and will return to God when the time has reached for him/her to be called back by God. Thus since we are still being allowed to be alive in this world, it is best that we have to remember that live is really short and time goes by so quickly without us being aware of. Accordingly, we have to ensure ourselves that at one time we will also be called by God to leave this world and return back to God as our Creator. Thus since life is real and short, we have to make sure that we do not waste our life in doing things that are not beneficial to others surrounding us. Based on such facts, we have to maintain ourselves close to God by reading His Books, so that we can balance our selves in doing and continuing our lives and pray to God begging for forgiveness of our mistakes for not thanking God for the life that He has given us in this world which are all created by God for us, so that we can learn and picked up lessons from the many "signs" scattered around us which could show the Greatness of God The All Mighty.
Friday, 15 August 2008 20.50 hours night.

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