Wednesday, September 24, 2008


When I am at my home especially in my room, this vibration which I feel is located within my head is very strong but gentle. I don't know what it is actually. But I can feel it strongly and continuously vibrating. Is it energy within ourselves, like electricity waves, I really cannot tell. But for sure I know it is there. Is it a manner where God as the Creator is trying to tell me to search and find and seek for the answer by within ourselves. This spiritual experience is actually really happening to me but it is rather hard to share with other people because each and every person has its own spiritual experience where only he or she must detect deeply in side himself or herself as to what is the meaning and interpretation of such individual spiritual experience in exploring and searching the truthfulness of the essence of this life which is created by God the All Mighty One. The tools and instrument to seek for such truth has to be provided by God, which has to be from God's appointed representative which God had called such representatives in the Book from God : "the Prophet". These Prophets are given "light" from God which are reminder, good news, and guidance from God the All Mighty One. You can find the names of such Prophets as being informed by God in the Books as the words of God and not the word of man. If we as a normal human being keep on trying hard to search this truth of information by maintaining continuously reading God's words in the Book sent by God, then for sure with the permit of Allah, there will be a positive influence mentally, emotional, rationally, spiritually, physically to our mind, soul, body and whatever there is, built in our body by the Creator as a software and hardware through the system of blood, flesh, air, and whatsoever there is being planted by the God All Mighty to each and every human being created by God, regardless of what his belief system is, his/her nationality or origin, since God has created all ethnics, colors of skin, shape and size of their bodies in this One World, which we are given the chance by God the All Mighty One to be born, live, die and raised again as being informed by God in his Book being sent through God's messenger.
Well, I really feel released after I had tried with the permit of God to pass this message through this Blog, which I had taken it out from the Words of God in the Holly Al Quran, since we as human being are obligated by God's words in the Al Quran to pass this message to others even if it is only one phrase. If there is something which is wrong it is surely from me as a person but if such message are right, and can reach the heart of the readers including myself, then it must come from the message from God's words in the Quran and other God's Books which I as a moslem must have faith on it pursuant to the learning of the Quran which is the concept of Tauhid that is " There is no god but Allah the All Mighty One."
Saturday Night 17th May 2008
Hours 23.45 night

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