Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Important Element of Tauhid

  • Under the Islam teachings under the Holy Al-Quran, we are always reminded to only worship ALLAH as the only One God who created this Universe.
  • We are always requested to use our mind in observing this Universe created By ALLAH.
  • Why do we have to worship ALLAH ?
  • Because He is the only element who has the Power and Authority to gives us blessings.
  • Other than ALLAH is perishable.
  • ALLAH is the beginning and the end.
  • Allah never sleeps and He is always awake and alive.
  • The earth, the water, the wind, the air, and all what is between the earth and the sky are all created by ALLAH.
  • ALLAH needs no partnership whomsoever to create and maintain the continuity of the live of this Entire Universe.
  • It is waste less and useless, if we worship other element other than ALLAH the One and ALL Mighty.
  • Why is it so ?
  • Because the other elements other than ALLAH is limited and is really created by ALLAH alone.
  • Thus,under the Islam teachings, the most significant element is to believe ALLAH as the only one and only GOD, this is called Iman or faith.
  • The other things shall follow including the doing of good things, since it is an implementation of believing, declaring, and recognizing, the faith that there is no other God but ALLAH.
  • By believing ALLAH as the only GOD who created this Universe, we than shall without doubt must learn the teachings of ALLAH through His BOOKS that had been sent down to His Messengers among others Moses, Isa(Jesus) and Muhammad s.a.w..
Written by Agung Supomo Suleiman
Sunday Nov 16, 08

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