Wednesday, November 12, 2008

THANKS To GOD for HIS givings

  • I really must thank ALLAH the only One God and ALL Mighty, who is always close to us in giving us our meals to feed our family at home and the family at my office.
  • The secret of feeling being close to GOD, is to always try with your best effort to avoid the things that God does not like us to do and do the things that GOD wants us to do, so that Insya Allah ( with GOD permission), our life will be blessed by GOD.
  • One of the thing, that a man must do, to gain respect, is to work and seek your potential talent, ability and assets, that are given by GOD to you, to serve the needs of others in your given field and professional life.
  • You have to identify the assets and the potential knowledge that you have invested in your life, and was given by GOD the ALL Mighty to you, starting from the day you are born with the permission and gracefulness of GOD the Most Graceful and Merciful.
  • Once you have identified your potential assets, you than have to contribute to your surroundings circles of your potential assets and knowledge which may be beneficial for their business, professional, social interests, for which you can than request in return the professional fess or payments for the sweat that you have rendered, in order for you to be able to feed your family and the family in your office, so that continuity and sustainable life cycles can be fulfilled.
  • If you have succeeded in convincing your customers or clients, which may take for a while and through process, not instantly, that your service will fill in the needs what they required and had expected from you, then, by nature, it will go two ways of mutual benefit relationship between your self and your Clients / Customers and your place of work.
  • However, you have to be really conscious and fully aware, that your potential talent and ability, is actually given and planted in your body, mind soul, by the GREAT CREATOR of this Universe, that is ALLAH the only One GOD, The ALL Mighty who had created this live in the first place from the very beginning of this life that we are living.
  • Thus the secret of success in this life is actually originated from the teachings of GOD the One and Only God who is called ALLAH as you may found among others in the AL Quran.
  • Based on the teachings of GOD in this Holy Quran, we as Muslims (surrender to GOD's Will) have to be really believing, with real faith and without any doubt whatsoever, that this Holy Quran is confirming what came before it pursuant to the 3rd Surah of the Holy Al Quran which is Surah Ali Imran paragraph 3 which says :
Quote :
  • It is He who has sent down the BOOK ( the Quran) to you ( Muhammad s.a.w. peace be upon him) with truth, confirming before it. And He sent down the Taurat(Torah) and Injeel(Gospel)
  • ( Source : English Language translated by Dr.Muhammad Taqi-Ud-Din Al Hilali and Dr.Muhammad Muhsin Khan Islamic University Al -Madinah Al-Munawwarah) Published by Dar- us-Salam Publications Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.)
  • Thus the real Secret of being Success must be with the standards and norms as been taught by ALLAH starting from the first live of Adam and Eve, created by ALLAH during their presents in the Heaven, as been told by GOD in His Books which were sent down to us through His Messengers among others Moses, Isa, Muhammad s.a.w. which all came from the Land in the Middle East, but is meant to be followed by all of us in this One World called the Earth that we are living.
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