Monday, June 1, 2009

11th Anniversary Years Suleiman Agung & Co

  • Thanks to ALLAH THE ALLMIGHTY, it is today the 11th Anniversary Years of THE LAW FIRM now called Suleiman Agung & Co since 1st June 1998.
  • This Law Firm has been 11 Years assisting Clients in the Oil Gas Sectors, Coal Mining Sectors, Coal Traders and Financier, Hotels, High Rise Buildings, Hospitals
  • We assists Clients in preparing the Memorandum of Agreements (MOU), Cooperation Agreements, Joint Operation Agreements who are desiring to seek investors, acquiring assets of Hotels, joint operations in the oil and gas Sectors, Financing the Coal Mining Companies who needs finance assistance for their Coal Plants, jetties, and their operations sites.
  • We assists Clients in preparing their financing agreements and its collateral documents and fiduciary deeds and registering such Fiduciary Deeds in the Indonesian Fiduciary Office.
  • Our Firm conducts legal due diligence of the legal documentations and legal transactions and other legal aspects, and licences and prepared the Legal Report for assisting our Clients to give and show the proper legal documentation which are required to be shown to the investors or the financier of the certain joint Project /investment to be pursued.
  • Our Law Firm knows the significant legal aspects surrounding our Clients business transactions who desires to be success in their business ventures
  • Thanks to GOD the ALL MIGHTY for GOD's Gracefulness for allowing this Law Firm SULEIMAN AGUNG & Co, to celebrate its 11Th anniversary Years on the 1st June 2009.
  • May God Bless You all.
  • Jakarta, 1 st June 2009 revised June 17, 2009
  • 11th Anniversary Years Suleiman Agung & Co
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