Monday, October 26, 2009

Seek Help to ALLAH

  • Yes you have to fight hard to be consistent in maintaining your faith. There is always the ups and the downs in your spiritual feelings. But you have to remember that if you are doing something which is against your heart consciousness  you will feel unpleasant and feels unrest. This is based on the teachings that we obtained by our teacher who is quoting God's words in the Al Quran.
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  • Thus, in order to detect whether you are doing the things that God likes or not, you can detect from your hearts feelings whether you feel comfort or unrest.Therefore, you must always do your best efforts to always remember ALLAH, and seek for help to  ALLAH,  The Lord of mankind from the evil whisperer ( devil who whispers evil in the hearts of men),   so that you will be guided by GOD from all the evil whispering in the hearts of men, who whispers in the breast of mankind, which whispering can be from   the evil whispering of Jinns and men, pursuant to
Surah An-Nas 114 Al Quran

In the real world, the evil whispers could be something which appears to be good but is actually against the teachings of ALLAH in the Al Quran. This whispering to our minds are  being shaped and  formulated in such a manner,  which makes us view  as if  it  looks and appears good, wonderful or beautiful,  based on the establishment of imagination to our mind in this worldly life.

Accordingly, we have to always do our best efforts to maintain our closeness with ALLAH 's teachings so that Insya ALLAH with the permit of God,  we are being blessed and guided in our day to day life.

Jakarta, 27th October 2009
Agung Supomo Suleiman

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