Monday, September 29, 2008

Milestone Stage

I feel that I am in a milestone stage, where I feel that I am in a rather strange situation. I don't know why? I feel that I have worked for more then 28 years, and I feel like I need a break. Why is it like that. Maybe it is because almost everyday, in reality, I am always buried with my work. I think I need to rest for a while, and take a break.

Eventually, since I am in Grand Wijaya from January 2008, it appears, that there is no time for me to take a rest. Thus I really feel fatigue. The most enjoyable time that I can feel, is when in the early morning, after I said my subuh prayer, I walked together with my wife, seeking for fresh air and walk within the surroundings area of Cipete, South of Jakarta,where I live.

The air is clean and fresh, and together with my wife, we can feel the freshness and cool air and weather which we can inhale. It feels so good, and I really enjoyed it. On the way, we can watch many types of plants, with green leaves and colorful flowers. These are all the signs of the greatness of ALLAH the Creator of the plants, which are created by God for the benefits of human beings pursuant to the contents of the Holy Al Quran.

We usually walked for about 1 hour. By walking, our body feels good, probably due to the circulation of the blood, since when you are walking, your heart beat starts pumping, which also works together with the clean air inhale by us containing oxigen which is also good for our lungs. By walking, it can also refresh your mind, since you go out from your house and watch the conditions and view outside your house.

Well walking is also good for our body, because your feet are moving, and most part of your body is also in action, and that is really good for your body movement. Well, I am not a doctor, but I think walking is very good for keeping your body in action, especially, early in the morning when the air are still clean and fresh. That is all what I have to say this evening, since I also need to take a rest.
Monday, July 14, 2008
at 23.20 hours.

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