Saturday, September 27, 2008

Social Visit to the Old People and Handicaps

Well, today my friends from the alumni of Faculty Law University of Indonesia Year 1973, had made a social visit in this Holy Ramadhan month to two places, one is a place of old people located near Jl. Radio which is managed by the Department of Social, Jakarta and the other place is the double handicap located at Jl. Raya Bogor. Such visit was really touching our deepest heart, since the old age people are really old, in which in one room stayed around 8 old person. The place can accomodate around 150 person.

There are old men and old women. Most of the old person are poor, and was helped by the Institution to be accommodated in such place. When we visited them in their rooms they were really happy upon our visit in which we on behalf of the alumni of the Faculty of Law Year 1973 had made some donation collected from the members of our alumni consisting of sarung, pepsodent, cookies, milk, balsem ( oitment) and other stuffs.

We can see smiles on their faces, and they sometimes show to us their illness for instance reaumathic, or there is an old man who shows and tells us that one of his part of body cannot be moved, and there was also one women from Aceh, who thought that we are part of their family who wants to fetch them to go back home. We heard from one of the management / officers of such institution that such women was one of the victim of tsunami, where all of her family members are victims and were lost during such tsunami. It was really sad isn't.

There is also another funny story in which one of the old man plans to marry and old women whom he met in such place. Isn't it interesting.

We then went to the place of the double handicap located around Jl Raya Bogor, where we found out that this place accommodates person who has more then 1 handicap.

We were really touched because, most of them are mentally retired combined with other handicap for instance paralized, or not able to talk, or suffered brain damage.

We were really touched and feels sad looking on their condition, and we really appreciate the institution and the nurses who had dedicated and devoted their work in serving and taking care upon such handicap persons who needs such loving care.

According to one of the management the nurses who works there, are working with their hearts. May God Bless them.

Our social visit really reminds us that not all people are lucky like us in the sense of complete healthiness physically and mentally, but they are also human beings created by God, who are being members of our community who has the right to leave like us.

One of the lessons that we can take is that there are many rooms of unanswered questions which we need to dig for the answers in our deepest inner self.
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Saturday, September 27 ,2008
18. 50 hours Indonesia Western Time

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