Friday, September 26, 2008

Ramadhan is Going to Leave Us and Touching Memories

Today is already the 26th day of the Holy Month of Ramadhan. I really feel sad, since there is some kind of feeling peace in my mind when we are doing our day to day physic and mind activities in this month which requires energy to be spent, whereas at the same time we are exercising fasting where no food are allowed to be eaten from before sunrise until sunset ( magrib).

After exercising our fast, and after breaking our fast, we as muslim ( meaning : people who surrenders to God's will) will exercise our prayers in the mosque, we called it the Taraweh Prayers, and afterwards we shall also listens to the speaker or preacher, for 7 minutes, in such Mosque ( the house of God) who tells about the teachings of the All Mighty as being quoted from the Holy Quran.

It happen to be that I was also scheduled to say my 7 minutes speach, in which I had picked up topics : signs of the Greatness of the All Mighty, whereby, I had recited several ayats from the Holy Quran, among others :

Verily, in the creation of the sky and the earth, and in the alteration of night and day, and the ships which sail through the sea with that which is of use to mankind, and the water( rain) which ALLAH sends down from the sky and makes the earth alive therewith after its death, and the moving (living) creatures of all kinds that HE scattered therein, and in the veering of winds and clouds whch are held between the sky and earth, are indeed Ayat ( proofs, evidence, signs, etc) for people of understanding ( Al Baqarah ( 164)

Verily, in the Creation of the heavens and earth, and in the alteration of night and day, there indeed signs for men of understandings ( Surat Ali Imran ( 190)

For us who believes in such teachings, this holy month of Ramadahan is considered among others to be the month of evaluating ourselves as to who we really are, why is there a live, why are we being created, is there a purpose of us being in this world, where do we come from, why do people die and live, why is it that there is a limitation of age, is everything created by itself automatically and many several other questions which may pop up in our head. Amazing isn't it.

Those question by human being were not only raised by us at this modern time age of globalization, but had already been questioned several hundreds years ago by our great-great grandfathers, who ever they are and where ever they lived and originated from.

Answers to those kind of questions were being searched by anybody, who tries to find and seek the real meanings and purposes of this life, including Ibrahim as being shown in the stories found in the Holy Quran.

Ibrahim had observed and tried to seek and search, who created this Universe.

He observed, the sun, moon, stars, but since each of this items will disappear from his view in the following night or day, Ibrahim then believes that these items is/are not the Most Powerfull Thing in this universe.

While seeeking seriously for the truth as to who is the Most Powerful element, Ibrahim received enlightment and guidance from the ALL Mighty, that there is not God but ALLAH as the only one Powerful Creator of this Universe.

During his period of time, there were many statutes being worship by the people including his own father.

Ibrahim based on the guidance and enlightment from ALLAH, had been ordered and requested by God to preach the people including to his father that they must not worship something including the statutes, which has no power whatsoever to give happiness, worthiness, and help the people in solving their daily facing problems.

Ibrahim has preached to his people, based on the guidance from ALLAH that the One and only ALL MIGHTY GOD is ALLAH, and that there is no any other God but ALLAH.

ALLAH, The Only One GOD has the full Power to give happiness, worthiness, live and help the people in solving their daily problems.

Under the Al Quran, ALLAH as the GOD ( ROBB) had teaches us who has mind, and knowledge to observe the many signs, and proves of the Greatness of ALLAH from the sky, moon, sun, stars, sea including its richness of pearls, fishes, the sunset, the sunrise, the rain coming down from the clouds which watered the earth which without water dies.

This rain which watered the earth after its death, is comparable to our hearts which was dry and closed from Allah's light, but will be enlighten after being poured down with the lights which are the teachings from God The All Mighty which was sent down to mankind through the Prophets as the Messengers of ALL Mighty who preaches mankind to worship his life to ALLAH The All Mighty One GOD.

In our hearts there is peace of meat, which contains the energy quantum, not being seen by the common eyes, but if it is poured by the teachings of GOD through its many Holy Books such as Taurat ( Moses), Zabur ( Daud), Injil ( Isa) , Holy Quran ( Muhammad S.A.W) which ALLAH has requested such Prophets to preach their followers to worship Allah the One God and only God.

For those who are still in search of the Truth, or those who are still closing their hearts, ALLAH has asked them to observe the many signs, proves of ALLAH 's Greatness from the many scattered signs such as the many variety of plants such as palm trees, date trees, and all other plants which are being watered by one water sent down from the clouds, which thus resulted the beautiful nature.

During this Ramadahan there was also one interesting and touching occasions, where our mosque nearby my house hosted and invited around 80 orphans and poor children, to break fast together, where it was really enjoyable, by looking at their innocents eyes , where they were very happy when the Azan ( Calling for Magrib Prayer/ Sunset Prayer) was heard, and they all say their prayers for breaking their fast , and thanking Allah who has given them strenght to fast from before sunrise until sunset, and God has given them the food to break and prayed to receive the blessings and mercy from ALLAH

Well I should be going now with my friends from the Alumni of Faculty of Law of University of Indonesia from the Year 1973 to the places of old people and handicaps.
cheers and assalumualikum wrwb,
agung s suleiman
Saturday, September 27,2008
Morning 8.30 hours and revised Sunday Morning 9.55 hours September 28,2008

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