Monday, September 29, 2008

Feel good when Writing

Well, How are you readers, it's been a while, since my last writing due to my tight work schedule. Well its really nice to be back in this Blog and start writing in front of my laptop expressing my feelings and ideas whatever that is. I really feel good when I am writing and playing my fingers in this lap top, I feel like being my self as a writer whatever that means. It's really great having a laptop in this era of communication.

What I am trying to say is not writing for working but just writing and express your ideas and feelings. It is like wandering and flying in the sky without any limits and just fly high in expressing your feelings. I feel like a bird who has wings flying high in the sky and really feel free and independent, without any walls or constrain blocking your way.

Well maybe it is your inner self feelings which needs some media or space to run, play, fly, dance, sing, and glorify the greatness of this beautiful nature created by the All Mighty. So it really is the way you are shaping and setting your minds through your inner feelings.

But it is also the feeling which you obtain after having accomplished your overburdened work and duties as a lawyer who's task is by nature trying to seek the solution of problems or needs of your clients to serve their needs and worry some to smoothen their operations or to overcome their problems or obstacles which needs the assistance from a lawyer.

Well, I think part of it is the feelings of satisfaction after you have done your best efforts in providing the needs to solve your clients needs.

I think, it is also the combination of after trying with our best to do the readings/listening of the guidance, usually late night, after the Tahajud prayer ( After Midnight Prayer which 2/3 of the night), which time is most suitable of understanding the Words (of) Allah ( pursuant to Surah 73 item 6 of the Al Quran), which was sent down by the All Mighty, which at this modern age, can be done among others from the Digital Al - Quran.

Through this Digital Devices, we can hear the Arab versions, and at the same time reading the English and Indonesian Language / translation of such teachings, reminders, glad information, sent down by the All Mighty, who in the first place had created this Universe where we are living.

In the progress of our living, there are several portion of duties, works, professions, talents, being experienced and practiced by us, which in essence, is actually test to each and everyone of us as human beings, as to who is the most professional individuals serving as the representative/servant of the Creator, in conducting the good deeds for the benefit of mankind in line with the wants and blessings from the Creator of this Life and Universe.

Well I think this is what I feel I have to express and write it in my Blog at this night July 11,2008 - 23.20 hours.After eating Pizza and Salad at the New York Pizza at Cilandak Sport Center Jakarta with my wife.

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