Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sweet Memories During Ramadhan

I am glad that we have passed our fasting during the fasting month in Ramadahan for 30 days. However at the same time we really felt said because such holy month of Ramadhan has left us with many kind of sweet memories.

We pray and hope that we are being permitted by the ALL Mighty, that we can meet again on the next month of Ramadhan.

As moslems, we really are lucky to experienced the taste of faith in believing on the teachings of the ALL Mighty which was sent down to us through the Holy Quran which was passed down to our prophet Mohammad S.A.W. ( Peace be upon him) to be passed out to his followers.

The real test is the coming 11 months, where we have to remember in avoidings the restrictions and conducting the good deeds as being taught by the ALL Mighty through His Books including the Holy Al Quran.

Life is being created by the ALL Mighty, thus if we believe in ALLAH as the Creator of this live, it is hoped that Insya ALLAH ( with God's permit) we do not have to feel afraid, nor confused nor stress, to the extent that we follow HIS teaching and guidance from the BOOKS which was sent down to us through HIS messengers.

The Most Significant Principle, as a man of fatith and surrender to GOD is that we must have faith and there must have no doubt in our hearts and minds that ALLAH is the Only God who created this live and this Universe, without needing any partner whomsoever, in creating this Universe.

ALLAH is the only place we must put our trust to ensure that we are in the right path and track in continuing our live in this world.

May God Bless and gives his Gracefullness to all of us.

agung supomo suleiman
Wednesday, October 8, 2008
16.00 hours Indonesian Jakarta Time

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