Thursday, October 30, 2008

God is Close To You For Help

Well, one of the experimental experience I have been running for over more than 10 Years since June 1998, is opening my own shop in the field of my profession as a lawyer.

This is really an experimental decision to be made by me which was fully supported by my wife, since she really knows my day to day life.

In running a law firm from scratch, without having Clients is really exiting. It is like riding on a Roller Coaster.

There is the ups and there is the downs.

Even you are formerly a lawyer from a Big Company like PT Freeport Indonesia Company, who is one of the biggest copper mining company, it does not automatically means that if you are on your own you will get Clients.

I am talking this based on my real experience in this real life. But for sure what I have experienced is that works does not come from person. Thus my experience of experimental in our life is frequently combined with the spiritual experience with our day to day real life.

I can conclude that Clients who contacts us, does really comes from the Creator of this Universe, who is always watching us from a close distance.

In the teaching of Muslims, we are being taught and told by God, that ALLAH is more closer to us than our own neck.

Like now, today I am really in a situation of shortage of cash, at the end of October nearly closing to the end of the Year.

However, during my experience in running my boutique Law Firm for more than 10 Years since June 1, 1998, every time there is a shortage of cash up to the edge of the cliff, when sometimes there is a feeling of desperate, there is always hope and light from the end of the tunnel which is reflected by a sudden call from a certain prospective Client, who called us and request for our legal assistance.

Since these phenomena is happening again and again from year to year, for the past 10 years of real life experience, there is no other explanation which I can think of, but which shall point me to the conclusion that this must be coming from God, who always hears you where ever you are, so that you can still continue on with your day to day life in feeding your family and your office family, to the extent you are always consistent and patience in achieving your goals to help others who seeks help and solved their day to day business problems or business opportunities.

So the secret is be patient and trust God, our duty as human being is just trying with our best in seeking all the opportunities to be benefit and having usefulness to others, which is link to your day to day activities.

Many surprising and unpredictable sources of solution will come to us.

It happens that such Client, is frequently in a situation where they are seeking for lawyers help to protect their business interests from the legal aspects.

But why us or me for instances was on their mind? who planted such remembrance to contact us. I did not contact them recently. Then who contacted them?

That is what I am trying to say that God is close to you for giving help, when at such time you are really in desperate need and feelings of some kind of help from God, after you have tried hard and with your best to seek the ways to search for the opportunities to get some revenue for maintaining the continuity of you firm and family.

One of the things that I also observed from my experiences, is that you have to identify what are most of your clients which contacts and seek for your help.

From my own experience during this 10 Years most of the Clients who contacted me are mostly oil and gas, coal mining, hotels, construction of building or coal plants related activities, and financing arrangements.

Thus, after having such experience, I may conclude that God had shown me the signs that my bread and butter in making monies to feed my family and running my law firm must be focused concentrate on the legal aspects related to the above activities.

Well I think the real answer is, that God Helps are always Close to you, especially if you are already in the edge of a cliff or your cash flow is bleeding. Well, I have to go to the doctor because I catch cold, and needs some medication. And I am already back from the doctor and getting receipt for medicines for my cold and flu.

Well see you with another experimental and spiritual combined experience.

agung supomo suleiman
date October 30, 08
4.30 hours and continued at 22.50 hours

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