Sunday, October 26, 2008

Feeling the Closeness to ALLAH

  • If you continuously and routinely with full consciousness read the words of Allah in the Quran, then there will be a stage where your feel that Allah the All Mighty is really talking to you, for which you really feel the closeness to God, and that God is giving you His messages directly to you and giving the why, the how and the what to do in handling and solving your day to day problems.
  • Accordingly you really feel that this live is the only life created by the One God, and there are no other life but this live which your are experiencing, and you do not have to worry upon what you are facing, to the extent you are with your best efforts following what God wants and avoiding things which God does not want you to do.
  • As told and taught by ALLAH in the Holy Quran if you are in your best efforts trying your very best and striving to be close to ALLAH, by reading His Holy Books of Al Quran, to obtained enlightenment from ALLAH, than ALLAH will be more closer to you.
  • If you are walking to reach ALLAH , ALLAH will be running to be closer to you.
  • The significant point under His teachings in the Al Quran is that your duty as human beings who are being created by ALLAH is to serve and worship ALLAH.
  • The implementation to your day to day life is be the servant of ALLAH and conducting your duty in your respective tasks seriously and with full responsibilities for the good of mankind, because all what you done in this world will be taken into account on the day hereafter.
  • So the fruits that you will taste in the hereafter is based on what you have planted in this world.
  • Of course each of us will be tested with less of wealth, food and other kinds of test, but if you passed the test by always be patient and still putting your trust and faith to GOD the ALL Mighty, then based on the teachings in the Quran, the help from ALLAH is close and it needs patient and taqwa to ALLAH by worshiping and surrendering the results of your hard works and efforts to the will of ALLAH.
  • Based on His teaching in the Al Quran, all what is this earth and sky and whatever is between the earth and the sky is created and belongs to ALLAH and will return to ALLAH.
  • Of course to reach the feeling of closeness to God the All Mighty is through continuous progress of striving , where, we must always pray to GOD to always gives us the strenght to always be close to ALLAH and avoid doing things which ALLAH does not allow us to do for the best of mankind, since ALLAH is the only Creator of this live that we live in.
  • Well this is what I would like to share with you, and I wanted to take my rest since it is already near to 24 hours night on this Sunday of October 25, 2008
  • May God gives His blessing and Gracefulness to all of us.

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