Monday, October 20, 2008

Many Signs showing the Greatness of ALLAH

There are many signs scattered in this world which shows the greatness of Allah; Early this morning when I ate an apple during my breakfast, I realize that this apple is not created by mankind but is created by Allah the ALL MIGHTY who had created this fruit. This apple consist content which is very rich with vitamin C which is very good for your body.

The process of this fruit from seeds and planted by the apple farmer in the ground, and poured with water which became an apple tree and resulted a fruit, is actually a process which is not coincident but is really a mechanism having a program built in such tree which is created by the God Allah the All Mighty. So the signs of the Great scientific knowledge being reflected and shown in such apple is really there, and must be observed by the man who is completed designed with mind, brain, heart and wisdom. Water which makes the apple tree grows is also created by God. This can be found in many places under the Holy Al Quran among others Surah 21 Al Anbiyaa ( Prophets ) paragraph 30 .....And from water, WE created everything which is alive.....

These messages are being shown frequently in the Books from GOD, which are being send down to the earth to human mankind through His elected and chosen Prophets starting from among others Abraham, Yacub, Yahya, Ismail, Ishak, Yusuf, Moses, Isa and the last prophets Mohammad S.A.W.

So we as Muslims (the person who surrenders to GOD) must have faith and believe in God's teachings and guidance including to the BOOKS among others Zabur, Taurat, Injil and Quran which main principle of GOD's teaching, is believing and having faith that GOD is the Only One God and there are no other GODS but ALLAH as the SOLE CREATOR of this Universe including the creation of the fruits among others the apple that I had ate this morning for my breakfast to keep me, Insya Allah (with the permit of ALLAH) to be healthy with Vitamin C.

So in creating this apple including the built in program starting from the seeds of this apple which is planted to the ground /soil and then watered by the apple farmer, which seeds shall then became tree, afterwards branches, leaves and fruits which is in our case this apple is really, created by GOD alone without needing any consortium or partnership whomsoever and whatsoever form.

So the God that we are worshipping must have the full power and capacity to create such program built in the seeds of the apple, and such God based on the information from GOD through His teachings among others in the Holy Al Quran is called ALLAH. So the significant concept starting from Abraham,who had rebelled against his own blood father, is to recognized and witnessed that there is no other god but ALLAH that we have to worship.

Agung Supomo Suleiman
Tuesday October 21, 2008
9.30 revised 12.00 hours noon

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