Saturday, December 20, 2008

Awakening Kundali awareness of the existence of GOD

  • I am wandering whether my Kundali is awaken as being found on the article relating Kundali if you click on the the following link Kundali.
  • Why am I questioning this, is because one of the symptoms of indications being found in such article is if there is vibration.
  • For me I experienced continuous vibration in my brain.
  • Eventually, my new live now experienced the existence of such brain vibration which I can feel and hear continuous vibrating in my brain.
  • This vibration is there, and it appears that I do not need an instrument to hear such brain vibration.
  • But I really don't know the usage and functions of such brain vibration or brain wave.
  • From the articles which I read, it may appear that such brain vibration is an energy within your self, which I feel is being granted and "built in" in every individual, by the Great Creator, which he or she has to detect and found out the usage of such brain vibration energy.
  • Such energy does not just pop up or being there without some "Higher Element" who had designed and created such brain vibration in your brain.
  • It appears that this Universe is a rational system which works rationally, eventhough some part of the Universe are alive but has no brain, but is working automatically in accordance with the universal system that has been created by the Great Creator of this Universe.
  • We as human being is created by the Creator with complete instruments to be used by us to be alive including we are granted "brain" in our head by the Creator of this Universe.
  • In the Holy Quran as the Message from the Creator, sent down to us through His Messenger Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him), you may found many parts where we as human being are requested by GOD to observe the signs of the Greatness of the Creator. such as the creation of the sun, the moon, and its circulation, day and night, water which falls from the sky and dropped to the earth, which makes the earth become alive prior to its death before being poured by such water, as shown in the plants that can grow through its branches, green leaves and colorful flowers, seeds, fruits having many tastes and functions which will be beneficial to mankind and the entire living beings in this universe, where in such observation, we are being requested by GOD to use our Mind or brain to think.
  • Thus what are being requested to us by God the ALL Mighty, is to awake our awareness of the existence of GOD who had created all the above creation which could demonstrate the signs of the Greatness of the Gracefulness of GOD the ALL Mighty.
  • If we really had observed and continuously really trying and seeking hard to observe such signs, then GOD will help us and guide us to find such awareness to our mind and heart, which GOD than says that such heart, combined with the brain will be enlighten, which is analog to the the aliveness of the earth, after being poured water from the sky, all being Created By GOD the One and ALL Mighty, which can grow the beautiful plants, trees, flowers as described above.
Agung Supomo Suleiman
Saturday 20 December 2008
24.00 night

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