Sunday, December 7, 2008


  • You must Dare to make experiment out of your Life
  • Don't Worship Money
  • Don't be slaved by Money
  • You must be above the Money
  • You Must Control Money
  • Money must not control your Life
  • Money is not alive
  • Money is just an instrument
  • You are Alive
  • You design what you want with your life and money
  • Yes for sure we need money
  • But Money is just an "object".
  • Money is neutral
  • Your mind is creating the meaning of Money
  • Money is just a thing which must be controlled by you.
  • You are the master of your mind.
  • Wealth comes from GOD
  • God creates everything including your life and mind
  • You must be free from becoming the slaves of Money.
  • The Most significant part everything is your existence.
  • You must be grateful to the Creator that you are being created by GOD as part of this Universe.
  • In order to find the truth and meaning of this live you must sometimes makes experiment out of your life.
  • I have been for 10 1/2 Years experimenting with my life in the sense of being freedom and independent from being employed as a Fixed Employee in an organization.
  • Thus I have nobody paying monthly salary during such period of 10 1/2 years since June 1, 1998.
  • The result which I can conclude by making the above experiment, is that there will always be enough money to feed my family.
  • Furthermore, I realize that money is just a representation or symbol of something which could be substitute with the things that you need to fulfill and continue your life including to feed your family
  • I also realize that you have to have some skills to be sold and served which may benefit others, for which your customers or clients will be willing to pay your fee for the services rendered by you and benefit your customers.
  • But, I can conclude that, the Clients or Customers shall come to you and is willing to use your service, and not the other persons or other Law Firm's, is because, there is an "element" higher than yourself which have "moved" the mind and the willingness of such customer to contact you and request for your assistance and help.
  • So there are always two sides of the life communicating and needing each other.
  • The Creator is the "Highest Element" who had established such inter connecting system, between the human beings in this life.
  • It is not only the inter connection between the human beings that are being established, but these mutual inter dependency "is also" inter related with the other sources such as the raw materials which are being created by the Creator to serve the needs of the livings.
  • The above conclusion and ecosystem mechanism and inter dependency can be detected by us as a human being through our process and education of life which for me is resulted among others from my experimenting in this past 10 1/2 Years, as being freedom to establishing and run the Law Firm of mine and my Partner, so called Suleiman Agung & Co.
agung supomo suleiman
I am Indonesian FREEDOM Business Lawyer

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