Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vibrations in your Head as Baromoter

  • This vibrations in my head is really getting louder and continuous
  • when I am in my house this vibration in my head starts vibrating
  • especially when I woke up at around 2 o'clock at night this vibrations starts moving
  • if suppose in the daytime I have conducted some things which are not comforting my soul
  • this vibrations seems giving signal of uneasiness and worrisome
  • I then have to wake up and start up praying my tahajud and asking for forgiveness and guides from the All Mighty.
  • as a Muslim if you frequently read the contents of the Holy Al Quran and listen to the words in Arabic's from your Digital Device and read the translation in Indonesia or the English Language
  • your will be astonishing in finding many guides from the ALL Mighty that if you are not close to Allah then the satan( syaitan/devil) will lead and whisper you to do the things that are not allowed by The All Mighty
  • The only solution to avoid following the whispers from the satan( syaitan/devil) is buy asking to be guided and protected by GOD The All Mighty.
  • Once you have read and really digest the meanings of such GOD' s teachings then you start gaining some calmness and comfort ness in your heart.
  • If you have requested to GOD for his guides and protection then I can feel the rhythm of this vibration in my head resulting calmness and comfort in my mind and heart.
  • Thus, what I am trying to say is that this Vibration in my head, can be used by me, as a barometer to detect whether I am following the teachings of GOD or is conducting actions which is or are not blessed by GOD as shown in the Holy Quran.
  • One of the tools to detect my inner feelings is also the feelings or awareness of GOD's Creation.
  • For instance if your are close to GOD, I have experienced that the colors of the flowers surrounding you whether it is in your house or during your walking in the streets might have different impact compared if your are not close to GOD's teachings.
  • If you are close to GOD, then by looking at the colorful flowers, you can feel the beauty of such flower as created by GOD;
  • But if in stage where you are not following HIS teachings by not avoiding the things that are not blessed by HIM, you will just look at the flower without any connection or any attachment to GOD as the Creator of such flower.
  • Thus, it appears that GOD is trying to communicate to you through HIS Creation among others the flowers and the colors of such flower no matter how small the flower is and no matter how high or far distance the flowers lies from your eyes sight or eye view.
  • Such also applies to your heart tenderness to your wife.
  • If you are close to GOD in the sense that you are following the teachings of the ALL Mighty and avoiding what is or are prohibited to be seen or conducted by GOD, your heart will be soften by GOD and you can feel the closeness of your heart and love with your wife.
  • This is really amazing isn't it.
  • One of the reason which I really feel is that : because GOD has created all the color full flowers, and GOD has created each human being to have his spare partner in his live where GOD has created the heart and the love in the hearts inside both couples of man and woman as husbands and wife.
  • And such couples as can be read in the Holy Quran are the signs of the Greatness love of GOD, since GOD is the Creator of such heart and Love.
  • We are not sacred person.
  • We are just a normal human being who are all equipped with the institution to be good or bad
  • Thus, we need to listen the wordings of the Holy Quran and the other Holy Teachings as sent down to human kind through HIS Messenger,
  • so that we can be guided by ALLAH the One and ALL Mighty to pursue our life journey in this world and the Day Here After and be protected by GOD from the whispers of the satan.
Agung Supomo Suleiman
February 18,2009
16.05 Hours Indonesian Western Time

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