Saturday, March 7, 2009

For every hardship there is a relief

  • Well, I have received answer and confirmation that payment of my legal services is being re-scheduled for a period of 1 week extension, for which I am than forced to reschedule the payment of my temporary bridging loan accordingly.
  • Since I am taking risks, at least my firm had already done its part in providing the services promptly on time, and had tried to pay the salaries to its staff.
  • Life is full of taking risks.
  • sometimes you win sometime you lose.
  • that is life.
  • the important thing is that you have to face reality.
  • in this life of experiment, hope comes and goes.
  • sometimes it is really stressful.
  • but that is life.
  • even you have experienced more than 10 1/2 years running your firm, the experience of learning something new is always there.
  • thus you must have faith to yourself.
  • based on the life principles, which is found in the Holy Books of Al Quran, which I have faith, particularly Surah 94 Opening Forth, GOD says :
  1. Have We not open your breast for you
  2. and removed from you your burden
  3. which weigh down your back?
  4. And have we raised high your fame?
  5. Verily along with hardship is relief.
  6. Verily along with every hardship there is relief.
  7. So when you have finished (your occupation) devote your self for ALLAH ' s worship.
  8. And to your Lord(Alone) turn (all your) intentions and hopes.
  • Based on the above words from GOD, we have to have faith to put our hopes only to ALLAH The ALL MIGHTY
  • We have to remember that for every hardship there is a relief.
  • this is repeated by GOD two times.
  • thus in experiencing your life you must put your hope only to ALLAH who had created you
  • I experienced that there is a relation between experiencing life and putting faith to GOD as our creator.
  • by having such faith we really feel comfort and feel being relieved.
  • the important thing is that if you feel there is a problem of hardship, don't forget to read the above God's saying, which we have to use it as principles to continue on with our life and have faith that for every hardship there is relief as God has reminded us to be used as our motto in pursuing our life.
  • You must really believe and have faith upon GOD' s above saying : ...for every hardship there is a relief.
Jakarta, Saturday March 7, 2009

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