Thursday, February 26, 2009

Put Your Faith 100% TO ALLAH

  • Experimenting our life and spiritual experience according to me is really related
  • let me tell you why it is related
  • Today at this very moment , I am experiencing of really being on the edge of the cliff
  • Today is the 27th day of February 2009
  • but no cash in was occurring
  • I really feel, that we are on the edge of the Cliff
  • How must I react ?
  • well, as long as we have done our part
  • by trying to do with our best in providing our services to our customers
  • and obeying and avoiding what the ALL Mighty has asked us
  • We shall than surrender our faith 100% to the ALL MIGHTY
  • we must really put our faith and trust to the ALLAH the ALL Mighty
  • Because this world and the life and death is created by GOD the only one GOD called ALLAH
  • He had created this Universe and the life without any intervention nor any partnership nor consortium with any other power
  • He is the ULTIMATE and the ONLY ONE CREATOR of this Universe
  • Why do we have to worry and afraid in continuing our life if we have put our faith to the ALL Mighty
  • Based on the Holy Quran Surah Qalam 68 ( 17 , 18, 19,20 etc.) there is a story which GOD reminds us to remember about the people who had plantation and were ready to pick their fruits
  • The owner or the operator of the plantation never said: Insya ALLAH or with the permit of GOD
  • They were are not distributing the wealth of their crops/plantation to the poor needed people
  • thus GOD had shown HIS Power by burning /destroying their Plantation when they were sleeping at night
  • in the next morning when they were ready to pick up their fruits, they whispered to each other to make sure that no poor people were allowed to be present at their plantation
  • but when they found their plantation had been destroyed
  • they realized that they were being arrogant and disobedienced to GOD 's teaching which was sent down by their messenger of GOD during their period of time
  • So the moral of the story is that we must always and be custom to say Insya Allah or with the permit of GOD in conducting our work or business
  • and always remember to involve and distribute some of our fruit to the poor and needy
  • since ALLAH the ALL Mighty has created this world including the earth, land, plantation, water, clouds and other elements of live which we have benefit and utilize it to continue our day to day life
  • Accordingly, if you are making experiment with your life, you have to be within the corridor of the teachings, reminder, and seeking blessings from ALLAH the One and only GOD
  • Well, by reading the Teachings of ALLAH in the Holy Quran, you will be guided in your life and Insya ALLAH you are requesting GOD to Bless us in our life

Agung Supomo Suleiman

Senior Partner

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