Friday, April 17, 2009


  • Well, its been a while that I open this spiritual blog.
  • My theme of writing which I would like to share is love.
  • Who created love?
  • after a long time with the ups and downs of experiencing this life journey as allowed and permitted by God until this present moment, I really realized that Love is Created by GOD.
  • Such love is being planted and built in our heart by GOD, for which we frequently forget that such love is not created by us as human beings, but is actually and really created by GOD alone.
  • The tips for making such love functions and shows its potential existence, is by our best efforts to be close to GOD.
  • What I mean close to GOD is by making a high frequency channel to try to be close with GOD.
  • Since I am a Muslim which means " surrender" to GOD there are some tools that are provided by GOD among others by establishing and maintaining our 5 times daily prayer to GOD.
  • Physically we are bowing and worshiping GOD and asked for HIS forgiveness and guidance and we praise GOD by saying ALLAH Hu AKBAR which means "ALLAH THE GREAT" for every phase we changed our physical body movement during this prayer.
  • We feel very comfort and relieved every time we bow 90 degrees and when we worship GOD during the moment that our face touched the ground.
  • we are also requested to read the teachings from HIS HOLY BOOK where we as Muslim must have faith on all the prophets and books starting from Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus (Isa) and the other prophets until Prophet Muhammad ( peace upon him).
  • The Most Significant principals and faiths that must be carried by us is that we have to only worship one and the only one God which is ALLAH.
  • The reason why we have to only worship GOD is because GOD is the only GOD who has the power and authority to create this UNIVERSE including the world that we are being permitted to live.
  • This also includes the creation of love which is being "built in" and "planted" in our heart by GOD alone.
  • If we obey and maintain the closeness to GOD by doing our best efforts to follow HIS guidance as shown in the Holy Books which were sent by GOD through HIS messengers /the prophets, the love in our heart becomes "alive " and is able to show its "potential function" by spreading the loves to "all mankind and the other creations" which are all being created by GOD for the well being and prosperity of the human being.
  • we as human being shall then be able to exercise the real functions of this love.
  • We have to remember that this love is not created by mankind or human being but is created by GOD alone.
  • we as human being shall be able to exercise the real function of this love in accordance with the blue print as designed by GOD, if we have succeeded in doing with our best efforts to maintain the closeness of ourselves to GOD.
  • There are always the ups and downs, but we have to always maintain the stability of this closeness to GOD if possible to maintain the "ups"..
  • GOD says in His teachings that if you are trying to be close to GOD by walking, GOD will response by "Running" to be close to you.
  • That is all folks for tonight, and hope will benefit for me and the readers of this spiritual blog.
Jakarta, Friday Night, 17th April 2009
Agung Supomo Suleiman

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