Thursday, April 23, 2009

Waiting fo a miracle

  • I really do not know what to write

  • there are times where you are busy and loaded with work but there are times where you have spare times to write in your blog.

  • as a lawyer, we tend to write, since we are used in making legal opinions, and legal advices or making reports upon the legal due diligence that we are required to do

  • it has been 11 years since June 1998, than I had been practicing as a free lawyer running this boutique law firm shop.

  • there are the ups and the downs of the condition of the cash flow

  • but at this present moment I am really feeling rather hard situation since I had missed the prediction of the cash flows particularly to cover the cash outs for the operational costs which bills are coming at the end of this month.

  • It is really hard to run this boutique law firm, because at a certain level you are also trained to have a tough mentality, especially when the cash in are not as you have expected to be.

  • It feels that you are in the edge of a cliff.

  • You really do not know where to go, because there is no way back but you have to go straight ahead and face the reality of life.

  • by having this out of cash situation you are really forced to think clear and face the reality of life.

  • By this experiences you can feel how if your Client are in a deep cash flow situation.

  • they are taking their risks to save the live of their company

  • I think whatever the commodities that you are selling, whether it is a hard product /tangible product or services such as legal services you are really facing the similar reality.

  • In this kind of situation you have to really think hard.

  • Every entrepreneur appears to face the same situation

  • so mentally you have to be really strong and tough

  • the air or the blood of a firm is cash flows and cash flows are from Clients

  • but if your legal fees are attached to the condition of your Clients waiting to receive funds

  • it is really hurting your cash flow

  • Well, I am hoping that there will be a "miracle" to help this short cash flow situation

  • Jakarta, April 23, 2009

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