Monday, May 4, 2009


  • Well, we are all experimenting with our live
  • Live is really challenging
  • But the before you make any experimenting out of your life, we have to remember that live is not just taken for granted.
  • There must be some Huge Element which had created this life.
  • In order for us to be able to make the experimental moves, we have to have the knowledge of this life.
  • Without such knowledge, we can be trapped and caught in a far and unknown destination
  • Such knowledge has to come from the Creator of this life.
  • There must be some link and attachment between making experimental movement and the knowledge of this life
  • The secret knowledge of this life, is founded in the Books, from the ALL Mighty which was been send down to the human beings by GOD through the prophets as messengers of GOD
  • We must have faith in the words of GOD.
  • We must really listen carefully to the " reminder" and the "good news" which comes directly from GOD as the Creator of this Live.
  • The instrument to get such knowledge is through listening with our ears, watching through our eyes and digesting through our conscious heart.
  • After obtaining such teachings of the "knowledge" from the ALL Mighty, we will then, with the permit of GOD, will be Blessed by GOD.
  • Some of the important teachings as signs of getting such guidance is by establishing prayers ( worship GOD) which is maintaining communication channels with GOD and giving part of the wealth which is Granted by GOD to mankind.
  • By following the guidance from GOD you will be Blessed by GOD which is actually a profit/ success compared to the wealth that had been collected by the Non-believers.
  • So the secret of this live is making experimental moves by following GOD' s teaching in your day to day live within our professions and our working place or our serving places that we have elected as a media to serve our real purpose as human beings who are being created in this world by GOD.
  • Every person has to search within himself/herself upon the real inner potential power- Blessings of GOD as "Energy" - which are "built in" by GOD in him/her to enable such individual to contribute as "added value" for the goodness and well being of mankind and their surroundings.
  • Well, folks, I hope that the above words may be useful to all of us, in starting our work this morning
  • Cheers
  • May God Bless You all
Jakarta, April 22, 2009
Agung Supomo Suleiman


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