Wednesday, May 6, 2009

With The Help of GOD you cope your cashflows

  • Well today is already the 6th of may 2008
  • It is really been near to 11 Years since 1st of June 1998 where I had pull out from an organization to become self employed as an independent business lawyer
  • Well in terms of age I have been around 57 years being allowed to live in this world by the Creator of this Universe including the world and live that we are living.
  • Thanks to the Creator that I am still allowed to be in this world and can breath and playing my fingers in front of this computer and this Spiritual BLOG of mine and ALLVOICES MEDIA GLOBAL - MY STORY
  • In this age of 57 you have to really manage your way of life, because you can feel that your strength is being partly being taken by the Creator.
  • You cannot attack such condition but you have to manage the way and style of living
  • One of the hard part, you feel is that you are running your own boutique service shop namely Law Firm which now is called Suleiman Agung & Co, located at Jakarta Indonesia, where you have managed to survive for almost near to 11 Years.
  • During this 11 Years since June 1998, you enter the office around 9.30 and go home at around 4.30 or 5 o’clock in the afternoon.
  • On the way home where you are walking, I love walking since your home is close to the office, you will watch children playing footballs and hear their laughter hehehe...
  • You rented a space firstly at the Building firstly at Gedung Dea for 1 Year, then you moved to Widjoyo Building for 8 years and now you are renting a space in Grand Wijaja Centre, Kebayoran, South Jakarta,Indonesia.
  • The important thing is that you have experienced being really independent being self employed as a Lawyer.
  • You also have open several Blogs including one Media ALLVOICES GLOBAL MEDIA, where you can write your thoughts, ideas, and experiences in such Blogs and Media.
  • What really is more daring is your cash flows.
  • You have several times experience being at the edge of the Cliff, but there seems always with the help of GOD, the way out to cope with such cash flows.
  • Being experienced in this real world, "not only just with theories", but "really self experiencing", really shapes your mentally attitude, including your spiritual approach.
  • You have to be tough, mentally strong, not easily surrendering your self, no matter how bad your financial and cash flow experience condition is.
  • It is like a “Roller Coaster”.
  • You have to put your faith to the "ALL MIGHTY" who created this Live in the first place, since there is no other GOD but ONE GOD who creates this live of yours.
  • Well, having said the above, I just wanted to share this story, with the readers, of this Blog and Media, as one of the contributor of live experiences who likes to write
  • Jakarta, May 6 2009
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman .
  • I also published it in EFT HEALING

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