Monday, June 15, 2009

Put Your Faith To ALLAH

Hi there long time no see it has been a while that I had not open and enter this Spiritual Blog of ours
wauw, its already the 15 June 2009 well thanks to ALLAH The ALL Mighty that we can still communicate each other through this blog of ours called AGUNGSS Spiritual BLOG, since without all of you as loyal readers we cannot communicate with each other.
It is really nice to have a place to share our life experiences and ideas we really do not have to be afraid of admitting our weakness, since as a normal human being we are sometimes making mistakes and shall learn from our mistakes, yes life contains  lots of trial and error.Sometimes you do not realize that you have reached a certain amount of years, where you must really learn from your ups and downs and your rise and falls

In order to educate ourselves and others we have to show others how we managed to rise back from our falls Human beings are place of making mistakes.The significant part of such life is realizing your weakness and strength and learn from your falls and rises/

Based in the teaching of the Holy Quran, ALLAH says that with every difficulty there is always a relief

this is mentioned 2 times in the Surah Insyirah Surah 94 paragraph 5 and 6 :
(5) So, verily With every difficulty. There is a relief

(6) Verily, with every difficulty there is relief...
Accordingly, for human being who has faith in ALLAH, we are really relieved and have to be inspired with such ALLAH 's teaching that we have to be smart and use our brain, inspiration, intuition intellectually, physically, mentally, and spiritually to found and seek out a way to solve the problems and difficulties that we as human being are facing daily and periodically.

  • We have to know, seek, search the knowledge how to be smart and always drive hard in seeking a way out, to solve our daily and day to day problems Before starting our daily work, we have to ask ALLAH  for ALLAH ' s protection from the evil's whispering from the devil who is arrogant, since the devils feels that they are created by ALLAH from the elements of fire, and feels that they are more higher in degree compared to us human beings, who are created by ALLAH from earth soil.

  • We have to ask for ALLAH 's help and assistance to guide us with ALLAH Blessings for seeking the right path, way and manner in starting our daily works and solving our problems. We have to be fully aware that this world is the place to plant our good deeds for the blessed fruits which we will pick in the day hereafter...

    Jakarta, June 15, 2009
    Agung Supomo Suleiman

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