Wednesday, August 5, 2009


  • It has been a while that I had visited this blog of mine
  • we really have to be focus in concentrating through our spiritual mind
  • the vibration in my head seems to have a certain rhythm
  • i myself have to learn what kind of code or message or meaning does this vibration intends to pass
  • such rhythm just vibrates without me having the force to control the movement
  • the rhythm can change in a certain time
  • since it vibrates I believe that it has to be some sort of live energy
  • I am wondering whether it is a reaction or capturing of a certain vibration captured by my brain
  • or is such vibration transmitted from the brain itself
  • it is really still a mystery for me but at least there is a regular rhythm of vibrations which I have to detect the meaning of such vibration
  • I read some articles found in other sources in the internet for instances you can click :VIBRATION Spiritual
  • Jakarta
  • 6 July 2009
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman

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