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What is Fasting ? Why is it necessary to fast? Who teaches us to Fast ? In the Javanese culture I was taught to fast by my mother. Actually most of her live she fast much of her time, and my mother says that we have to always keep on "tiraqat and eling", or always remember God as our Creator, so that our live can always be Blessed by Allah the Mercifull. My Mother then afterward, practiced herself as a moslem, by learning to read the Al Quran.

When I get older, I realize that my mother has influence much to my life in our spirituality hunger and experience, and I am now trying to keep practicing fasting every Monday and Thursday, due to her teaching and her day to day during her living, giving examples to her children, fasting, and also following Prophet Mohammad's path in practicing such fasting on Monday and Thursday.

At this present moment, I feel that the rhythm of this fasting is like the rythm of the cash flows of my office or Law Firm Suleiman Agung & C0, in which there are times that, you are busy including your cash flows rhythm, and there are times that you feel, you are out of cash, which could sometimes makes you feel uncertain and afraid, but then, after you, read the Al Quran, your way of thinking is being shaped in such a more positive and spiritual way, that this world is created not by you but by God the Creator of this live and this world we are living, where as long as we follow the right path and directions as guided by God in the Book as been demonstrated by the samples of the Prophets and their followers, to always submit and serve and worship themselves as the servants of God, and as the representative of God in this world to take care of mankind as guided and as wanted by the Creator, and market your services to the prospective customers through several methods.

Usually, when you feel that you are desperate, Insya Allah ( with the permit and will of ALLAH ) there shall be another prospective Client who requires for your legal services, which then makes you feel like there is water pouring from the sky  to fill in your thirst, and automatically you will say : Alhamdullilah hirabil alamin, Praise to ALLAH, who grants us "prosperity ".

By practicing fasting, you also feel that you are reminded, that there are the poor or the unlucky persons who are starving for food, or forced to fast, which needs some attention from the one who are more lucky then them .That is all what I would like to say for tonight and May God Bless Us All and Guides and Leads us in the Right Path.   

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