Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Life Mysteries

If you are looking from GOD' s view and perception, based on the information received and cited from the Holy Books ( where for me, as a muslim believer of the Holy Book of Quran), it will be different compared to the "view of most people", who does not yet have the time to read such valuable information from ALLAH THE ALL MIGHTY ONE.

  • For example, with respect to the the deaths of an earthquakes disaster, there maybe a different perception / view from the GOD's, compared to human being who does not have faith in the Creator
  • From GOD's view the person who dies during the Earthquakes disaster, maybe considered as "dying sacredly""Died Syahid", in addition, if the died person had just finished performing their 30 days fasting performance properly, during the Ramadhan fasting last month.
  • Thus as a believer, if you have faith, to such GOD's perception, the died victims are no longer burden with the worldly problems, test and trials, because such died persons are treated by GOD as "dying sacredly/Died Syahid", and will get a ticket to heaven.
  • The tests or trials,are actually for the living ones who had been left by those respective died earthquakes victims.
  • If the left ones who are still alive, have faith or believe in the Day after, including the above teachings of GOD' s perception, as recited in the Holy Quran and the teaching of the Prophets, they must feel comfort and shall be far away from depression.
  • The healing of their hearts might take a while, but, since GOD has its own way in handling and running this Huge Universe, we better, make certain, that we have to feed our hearts. minds, soul, spiritual believes with the above wonderful teachings, reminders and glad tidings from the ALLAH The ALL Mighty which is recited through Holy Book of Quran and the Hadist.
  • This does not mean that preventive measurements for building " compatible earthquake buildings", has to be redevolped by the House Builders controlled by the Government Authorities, including not allowing developers or house owners to build houses in a steap land mountain/hilly contour...
  • Jakarta. 7 October 2009
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman

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