Monday, October 12, 2009

Patient and Be Close To ALLAH

Yes, Patient is an important word in the muslim belief
The person who is success according to the muslim beliefs is the person who always tries hard to be within God's teachings in the Holy Book Of Al Quran and the Hadist from Prophet Muhammad.
Iman or faith must be proven with taqwa which is following GOD' s  teachings and guidance and avoid what is not allowed by ALLAH.
In practicing the above as a muslim, one has to be "patient" and always request help and maintain closeness to ALLAH in your daily life while you are sleeping, sitting, standing, working, writing and during all your daily living and working or called "DZIKURULLAH. which enriched your spiritual elements
Patient is a significant element to be performed and practiced by a a person in faith  of muslim.
As a muslim one has to surrender himself/herself to the ALL Mighty and always try to remember ALLAH wherever you are so that you can be Blessed by ALLAH the ALL Mighty.
If you are working hard to be close to ALLAH, then ALLAH, Insya ALLAH will be close to you.
Jakarta, 9th October 2009


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