Saturday, November 14, 2009

Peace in our Heart

We have to be consistent in hearing the teaching from ALLAH from the Holy Al Quran in order for us to be close in listening to the guidance from ALLAH  THE ALL MIGHTY. If we are not close in the remembering of ALLAH then the whispering from the evil will attack us in a smooth way which we do not realize.  So there are only two source which is from GOD which give us light to come out  and get out from the dark, and on the other side if we tend to forget in remembering ALLAH and  ALLAH' s   teaching from AL Quran and Hadist /Sunnah from Prophet Mohammad ( Peace Be Upon Him) , God had reminded us that the evil will try to always persuade us to be far from the teachings of ALLAH.

We are being equiped by ALLAH  in our body with the Heart or Qalbu, which is the place where ALLAH has planted the good deeds consciousness which will detect whether we are close to the teachings of ALLAH or far and against the the Teachings of ALLAH.

If we are doing things which ALLAH does not like us to do, then automatically our Heart will give signals and signs of un-comfort and we will feel unease or worrisome, which  we then must ask ALLAH to forgive us and give us guidance to go back to the right track as taught by ALLAH in the teaching read and found in the Holy Book AL Quran. Every element in this universe always glorify ALLAH in their own manner and ways as being recited in the AL Quran. If we keep on maintaining remembering ALLAH and always praise and glorify ALLAH with ALLAH name or called Asma UL Husna then our heart will detect and gives us signs peace feelings in our heart.

Thus the  function of our heart is controlling mechanisme, where if we are close to ALLAH we can feel the peace feeling in our Heart. We can found it in the following websites

Accordingly being a moslem in faith we have to be thankfull to ALLAH for equiping us with our Hearts or Qalbu which we always have to polish it by always rembering and praising ALLAH that we are being created in this world.

Jakarta, 14 th November 2009
Agung Supomo Suleiman

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