Friday, February 12, 2010

The Nice Feelings and Taste of Faith

Well, if you are trying with your efforts to be close to ALLAH The Creator, you may detect by the nice feelings and taste of such faith. One of the method is by continuing reading the words of ALLAH from the Al Quran, which in this modern information Era, you can listen and read such Quran verses from the Digital AL Quran.

  • The sound of the Quran verses are in Arabic language, at the same time you can read the translation either in English or in the Indonesian language. You can pick the right time to read such version, which for me I usually choose the night time before sleeping or after praying tahajud after midnight around 3.30 midnight.
By reading such version and listening the Arabic version, you may feel comfort since God is actually talking with us through this Digital Al Quran. As a Muslim, we have to have faith that Al Quran is the words of GOD which was sent through Prophet Muhammad, as ALLAH's messenger. From my self experiences, we have to develop the close communication with The Creator, through reading GOD's saying in the Al Quran. In the morning when you wake up after your sleep, you will feel that with GOD's permit, you are being stronger in your faith, and will look at the world with a clear mind as a result of following GOD's teaching as read in the AL Quran.

  • In the progress there will come the time and moment where with the Permit of ALLAH you will feel the Nice Feelings and Taste of The Faith to ALLAH' s teaching and believing that Muhammad is ALLAH's messenger. I thing money cannot buy or replace this Nice Feelings and Taste of Faith. By always trying to remember ALLAH as the Creator of this Universe and Life as well as death and the Day Hereafter, your heart will feel calm and comfort as said by GOD in the Al Quran. 

The world is  still the same but your View upon the World will be different since your heart is being controlled by ALLAH if you really are trying hard to seek and dig on the Teachings of ALLAH in the Al Quran. May GOD Bless you all.

Agung Supomo Suleiman 
February 13, 2010

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