Friday, February 12, 2010

Life Cycle

Yes, I am feeling that I am in a new live stage of my life journey. We have to have faith to ALLAH the ALL Mighty who had created us to be part of the human being who is allowed to live in this world.

  • Life is really interesting. In order for us as human beings to gain strength and control to our life destination, I feel that we have to be close and near to the ALLAH as the Creator of this Universe. From reading GOD's word's in the AL Quran, me as a muslim have  to develop and try to develop a close contact with the Creator. GOD's says in the Al Quran that ALLAH has made many signs in this Universe which could show the Greatness of ALLAH.

We can learn and observe from the nature including  all of  the  creations i.e birds, insects or fishes, shrimps, ox, goat, and other animals as well as the rocks and stones, marbles, gold, tin, nickle, iron that GOD is the Creator and had equipped us to learn from the nature that there is a purpose that we are created alive and at one time we will die and return to ALLAH, since all of us as GOD said in the Al Quran :  are all created by GOD and will return back to the Creator.

  • By nearly reaching the age of 60 iest since I am now the age of late fifties - 58 Years of Age- I feel that GOD has been kind to us and at all times gives us education in our life journey in this world. 

The working system in this Universe is really amazing, the life cycle continues on going without us having the power to stop such life cycle. When we were born we are weak, and we than became stronger, but if you had reached the age of late 50ies, you feel that you need more exercise and sleep or nap and supplemental food and vitamin to maintain your stamina. 

  • Thus, the Law of Nature which is being created by the Great Creator of this Universe. We have to use our brains, mind  and heart to open our heart and spiritual mind to really get the essence of life. Whether you believe or not, The Creator is there, and  always watching us as human being which are created by The Creator. The Creator is the Beginning and the Last. Nothing in this world can resemble GOD because GOD is so Powerful and Great  and only GOD can create, and maintain  this whole Universe 

Agung Supomo Suleiman 13 February, 2010

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