Friday, March 5, 2010

Learning By Doing

By learning from doing you will gain many things in your life. This also applies when you are blogging you are actually learning from doing the things that you like from life. Do not stop doing the things that you love because you will get many new things during the progress of your steps of doing. You have to do to by yourself with really care and loving. Yes, by liking and loving your work in writing in your Blog you can be surprised,  why such writing  will change your life.   

  • You will get more experience in writing and the flow of thoughts from your heart and mind will swiftly move and seek the exit way to come out from your mind to your Blog. You will end up having many thoughts and ideas which are buried deep inside your heart, suddenly  shared in your Blogs with other members of this Global Borderless Community. This is like drilling wells to seek water from the ground.   Your body is actually a micro representative of the Macro earth that we are living.  The hard rocks in the earth might be capturing or trapping plenty of waters which are original from the sea being evaporated by the Sun becoming Clouds and moved to the dry land to water and make such dry land become back alive. This is the life cycle of nature being created and established by the Creator   We must open our eyes and ears and hearts to seek the knowledge and wonder of the nature micro and macro cosmos. 
The physical Nature and the non physical has also the same pattern of working by viewing the pressure and temperature of the Nature working system. Human Rights issues are actually a reflection of how the pressure   and temperature of human collective elements creates People Power. Even the Physical Power represented  by Guns and Prison Walls cannot stop the pressure of the Human Rights activist raising and representing  the voice of the pressure feelings of human beings being suppressed. The ideas and vision for freedom of any independent nations can be a Hard Blow to the Colonialist and Imperialist upon such Nation. Thus the emotional, ideas, visions which are Non-Physical Mater  are actually carrying the Potential Energy to Turn Down the Berlin Wall.  

  • No space in this earth are Vacuum or Empty, even our physical Body contains the secret Law Nature, where if our stomach is empty early in the morning and no material food are being fed to our stomach, the winds and air will Fill in our stomach for which we may feel stomach ache. In the macro world, all the elements of mater will fill in the Vacuum place, for which the most powerful elements will force to take every inch of such Empty space. That is why there may be the wind, earth or any other force of matter which will compete to fill in such Vacuum and Empty space. This will be combined with the mechanism system of Pressure and temperature, which cannot be viewed by our Eyes, but can be felt by our nurve capturing sense working within our skin.  Thus, Nature works consistently which can be measured by logical and rational analysis.   This is where knowledge and science comes into the picture.By learning the Science and Knowledge from the pattern movement and working system of this Nature we can than be called Scientist. The Working system of this Nature which is very Rational and Logical is not just by Accident but a Certain Higher Element had created the Wonder of this Nature.  

This is where the Words of ALLAH  as the Creator of this Grand Universe comes into the picture to complete the missing puzzles which we as human being are seeking to get the answers for so many years and decade from Generation to Generation. Me as a Muslim, can seek such source of God's or the Creators information from the Holy Book, which we as the believers of Muslim  has to have faith,  where this Holy Book is  called Al Quran which was sent down by the ALL Mighty through ALLAH' s messenger  named Mohammad S.A.W. where Mohammad mission was to remind us as human beings living in this world that the Creator of this Universe and the Real Owner of this World and Sky is ALLAH The Creator. 

Agung Supomo Suleiman

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