Monday, March 8, 2010

Put Your Faith To ALLAH

We have to put our faith only to ALLAH, Sometimes you feel  you do not know what to do, because you feel that your mind is Blocked. In this kind of situation you need to clear your mind by having faith to ALLAH The ALL Mighty. ALLAH has created this live as recited in the AL Quran. The AL Quran is evidence that ALLAH exists. AL Quran is the words of ALLAH. 

The only place to request for help is only to ALLAH. The only protector is ALLAH. You have to develop your believe and faith 100% to ALLAH The ALL Mighty. All things are created by ALLAH and will return to ALLAH. ALLAH is the creator and owner of  this World.. Only ALLAH has the qualification and Power to help us.  In the progress of our life there is the ups and downs in your life. These are all tests to us as human beings  whether we are grateful to ALLAH who has granted us life, and be patient if we are being tested  by having lesser wealth or goods.
Life cycle keeps on continuing until the Final Day which only ALLAH knows the time such Final Day will come. Only ALLAH knows and have such knowledge when such Final Day will come.

Such Final Day shall be the final judgment where all truth  will be  disclosed. As a muslim your have to have faith in ALLAH and must believe on the Final Day. We as Muslims must have faith and believe to all the Prophets that were sent by ALLAH  to remind all of us that ALLAH really exists and had created the Sky and the earth and everything that are between the Sky and the earth.

We are not allowed to make destruction to this world. As Muslims we have to be honest  and do the Righteous things by using Al Quran as our life guidance. There are many signs in this world which demonstrates and shows the Greatness of ALLAH. We have to always remember ALLAH during all time of the night, day, morning, noon, afternoon, sunset  by praising ALLAH and always remember ALLAH while we are sitting. laying down, standing and any time of our life. If we are far from remembering ALLAH, the evil (Syaitan) will try their best to whispers the evil things without us knowing and realizing. We have to ask for protection from ALLAH The ALL Mighty against such evil whispers as recited in Al Quran.

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