Friday, March 12, 2010

Maintain Your Faith

Yes, we  have to maintain our faith in Believing ALLAH ALL MIGHTY as the Only One ALLAH who creates this whole Universe that we are living. As a Muslim, the method that can be done is by everyday listening to ALLAH's words and teaching from the Digital Al Quran where you can listen the Al Quran in the Arabic Langguage and read the translation of such Al Quran which in my Digital Al Quran the translation is in English and Indonesia and other languages depending on the type of Digital Al Quran that you have.. 

By continuously listening to the Holy Book - AL Quran, you will be reminded and guided by ALLAH how to have faith in believing that ALLAH had created human being . For instance in Surah 7 Al A'raf verses 189 ALLAH sad:
The English Translation

189. It is He who has created you from a single person(Adam) and (then) He has created from him his wife ( Hawa/Eve), in order that he might enjoy the pleasure of living with her. ......

As Muslim,  we have to continuously develop and maintain our faith by reading and listening to the words of ALLAH from His Holy Book that had been sent  down to His messenger Prophet Mohammad S.A.W. to get the knowledge of having faith in believing ALLAH as the Creator of the earth and sky and whatever is between the earth and the sky.  All the plants and animals are created by the ALLAH Creator. We have to recognize and acknowledge that ALLAH is the Creator and He had sent down His messengers which includes Moses, Abraham,  Ismail  Jusuf,  Isa (Jesus),  Mohammad to sent the message as reminder, guidance,  glad news from ALLAH to worship ALLAH as the Only One ALL Mighty GOD.
It is only ALLAH who has the sole capacity and power to create this Universe which includes all the planets, galaxies and everything that is contained in this Universe.
Thus for us Muslims,  the significant concept that we have to built in our Heart is having faith without doubt in that ALLAH is Most Merciful in giving us Guides as Guidance to us through the Holy Books teaching us  Monotheism or the Tauhid concept  which is our recognition and believe that ALLAH is the Only One Creator who had created this whole life, earth, sky and everything which is between the earth and the sky. 

As Muslims we have to believe on the Final Day where this Last Day is the Day of Judgement. Thus the living in this world is temporary time period where ALLAH created Death and Life to test who among us are doing more good deeds which will be recorded by the Angels sent down by ALLAH, where these recorded books will be given to us in the Day of Hereafter, where nothing is left out in such Recorded Books. 

These information can only be founded in the Holly Books sent down by ALLAH as the Creator of this World and Universe through the Prophets as Messenger of ALLAH (Rasulullah), where the Holy Books of Al Quran shall be the Last Holy Books being used as the Completion of the Holy Books where the Monotheism or Tauhid Oneness of ALLAH shall be adopted as our believe as Muslims.

Agung Supomo Suleiman being Revised 2 April 2017          

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